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LG cell phones are the third most popular brand of cell phones in the world. But did you know that LG is actually one of the largest conglomerates in the world and that they make everything from LG cell phones to televisions to home appliances?

LG Electronics, the maker of LG cell phones, is actually a subsidiary of LG Group, a company based in Yeouido, Seoul, South Korea. This huge conglomerate has 75 subsidiaries worldwide, that manufacture a wealth of personal, electronic and household goods. LG Electronics is also the current owner of Zenith Electronics. Zenith was a popular and well-known American electronics manufacturer headquartered out of Lincoln, Illinois before being bought by LG in part in 1995 and in whole by 1999. Though the Zenith brand still exists, they are now sold and serviced by LG Electronics.

Aside from brining the LG cell phone to prominence as the third best selling cell phone brand, LG is also the world’s largest plasma panel manufacturer. Its affiliate LG Display, (of which it owns the majority share) is one of the largest manufacturers of liquid crystal displays. It’s no wonder that the LG logo is ubiquitous when visiting an electronics store or even just a department store. This giant electronics conglomerate has their corporate fingers in many different consumer electronics pies. In 2008, LG even announced that they were diving into the green and sustainability sphere by buying a major share in a company that creates solar panels.

LG is the product of the merger of two South Korean companies during the 1950’s. The two companies, named “Lucky” and “GoldStar,” contributed to the “LG” acronym. Contrary to popular consensus and LG’s marketing, LG does not stand for “Life’s good.” Instead, that is an example of a “backronym,” (i.e. a phrase constructed, jokingly or otherwise, in order to imbue a word or set of letters with meaning after the fact.)

LG cell phones came to prominence partly due in part to their small size and similarly low price. Most LG phones come in a clam shell format, where part of the phone covers the keys when the phone isn’t in use. Many users liked these phones because of their aesthetically pleasing look and the fact that they were easy to accessorize with covers, cases, charms, etc. It is perhaps for that reason that LG has a huge fan following, with many people professing brand loyalty.

LG cell phones have, of course, jumped onto the G3 technology bandwagon. The LG Incite is a touch screen smart phone that still embraces the signature rounded LG aesthetic. This LG cell phone features all the G3 standards – touch screen, MP3 player, camera, WiFi, web navigation, Microsoft Office, Bluetooth technology, and the ability to add games, music, pictures, and various applications. One of its more interesting features is the vibration feedback included with the 3 inch touch screen. This feature is meant to emulate the feel of pushing a button, and users, who will now feel vibrations after pushing a button, will be spared tapping the screen over and over again wondering if the touch “took” or if the phone is just being slow. If you have ever jammed up your phone, iPod, or even ATM machine due to just such a malfunction, you will surely appreciate this thoughtful, inventive little piece of convenience technology.

Whether in clam shell format or embracing the newest G3 technology, LG cell phones have risen to the top of the cell phone market. Eager LG fanatics out there are eagerly awaiting the new technologies that LG’s research and development team will come up with next.

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