Lenovo ThinkPad

Early 2005 showed the purchase of IBM’S personal computer division by Lenovo. The division comprised of ThinkPad laptop computers that were initially premeditated, constructed and sold by IBM but after the acquisition, Lenovo took over such activities and to date, ThinkPad portable laptops have been produced and marketed by them.

ThinkPads were conventionally manufactured in black but have generally also been introduced in magnesium, carbon fiber reinforced plastic and titanium amalgamated cases. The primary cause of constructing Thinkpads have always been in favor of the corporate entities and even today their pioneering research and top-notch technologies are focused on developing these laptops for the convenience of executive businesspersons. This research and development is what differentiates Lenovo from other laptop brands as they spend all their innovation on promoting vital mechanisms of laptops such as producing multiple core CPUs, larger memory size per system, discovering optical disks with higher capacities, faster varieties of wireless communications and much more vigorous, powerful security features.

The research and development is not only induced by ThinkPad innovation but also with their first-rate technologies that are pinpointed to the betterment of businesses and enterprises who demand more stable and dynamic operating systems. The combination of innovation and the supreme technologies have introduced many new wonders such as:

  • The TrackPoint pointing device
  • ThinkLight: an LED keyboard light situated on the top of the LCD screen,
  • Active Protection System: an accelerometer feeler which shuts down the hard drive when it detects a ThinkPad system is falling  in order to thwart further harm and loss of files
  • Roll-cage designed to get rid of the motherboard flex
  • Biometric fingerprint reader
  • Client Security Solution, which helps enhance security with the help of using an integrated TPM which also smoothes the progress of deployment in a corporate atmosphere
  • ThinkVantage Technologies: a collection of corresponding computer management soft wares
  • Drain holes that have been carefully created around components and the keyboard in order to help lessen damages from unintentional spillage.

Thinkpads are manufactured in the viewpoints of being able to offer a productive medium which can be used to access information, communicate and work with anytime and anywhere. This is implemented with the help of ThinkPad Technologies management applications and system departments that help operate the laptop efficiently and productively. A crucial component in the success of ThinkPad laptops are their mobility which further boosts the productivity in a worker as they respond swiftly and effectively to a consumer’s demand. Since they are portable, they allow the users to bring along their work to anywhere they go while the work is not stopped even if the worker has left the office premises.

ThinkPad laptops are also known to be built densely, affirming durability as they contain features which help safeguard the laptop against any physical damage while traveling such as hard-drive damage from shock mounts or roll cages. Data protection & security are another must-have in ThinkPad laptops; as proof the invention of the Password Manager and built-in fingerprint scanner which allows benefits of considerably reduced long-term PC life-cycle costs. The ground-breaking ThinkVantage technologies of ThinkPad laptops therefore help a business to significantly reduce their IT costs. In addition, Thinkpad technologies are designed specifically for the protection of important business data existent in the laptops which are prevented from losses such as a system failure or virus attacks with the help of a Rescue & Recovery feature that allows the retrieval of lost files and data when the case is concerned with a system failure.

ThinkPads are an in-style favorite within the commercial world and they are particularly liked for their outstanding structure eminence, system assurance and classic designs, all which have allowed them to gain popularity and half of dominance in the laptop market.

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