Lenovo ThinkCentre

Lenovo ThinkCentre refers to a line of desktop computers that were produced by IBM from 2003 until 2005. Today, the ThinkCentre line is produced by Lenovo. When first released in 2003, ThinkCentre computers were designed to completely replace NetVista offered by IBM. ThinkCentre computers offer power management tools that help to improve energy efficiency as well as remote deployment and the full control of client power usage profiles.

The Lenovo ThinkCentre currently comes in one of two models. These are the ThinkCentre A Series and the ThinkCentre M Series. The ThinkCentre M Series feature the Energy Star rating and are available in a wide range of models. They are designed mostly for MM and LE businesses and offer a wide range of options. The ThinkCentre M55 is designed for businesses that need desktop PCs that are virtually maintenance free. They offer very strong PCU performance but do also have a very small sized hard drive and no DVD burner.

The Lenovo ThinkCentre M57p is a device that is highly popular in the business world. These offer a full three-year warranty and have been considered the most reliable of all the ThinkCentre Series’. It is a highly preferred model for those who need a general purpose business platform. Most of these computers come standard with Windows software installed. Whether your model will have Windows Vista, XP or a newer version will depend on the specific model that you choose. Of course, these are more designed for business purposes. Most consumers prefer to purchase computers that offer more graphic control and you should note that some models of the Lenovo ThinkCentre have very little storage space and only one Gigabyte of memory, very little considering other brands that are available today.

Lenovo ThinkCentre desktops provide Quad-Core processors as well as security and can be configured to meet your specific business needs. While many models are not the preferred choice for home computers with specific budget needs in mind, they make excellent choices for those operating businesses on a budget. In addition to being Energy Star compliant, they are EPEAT Gold compliant as well as GREENGUARD certified.

They include the newly designed ThinkVantage Power management system to give you control over the energy that you save. You can help to substantially cut down energy costs in your company since system administrators have the ability to monitor and control the electricity that is used by every desktop included in a PC fleet. Lenovo Power Manager boasts an energy savings potential of up to 69 percent for each desktop included in the PC fleet. In addition, Lenovo ThinkCentre desktops offer a solar power option to help businesses save even more money. This is optional however, so if you want to include this feature you may have to ask for it specifically when you are designing your ThinkCentre desktops.

Lenovo ThinkCentre computers also include a client security solution as well as a fingerprint reader keyboard for added security in your business. The hardware and software solution included in Lenovo ThinkCentre desktops offers more security that what is found in most desktop computers. A USB panel disable and enable feature is also included that can help to prevent data theft and other tampering.

Although Lenovo ThinkCentre desktops are likely not to be found in many consumer homes, many businesses prefer the brand due to the cost-efficiency of both purchasing the computers and operating them. With the added security features, Lenovo ThinkCentre computers offer businesses an excellent return on their initial investment. Again, purchasing a ThinkCentre will highly depend on your own preferences with regards to operations and security as well as your particular budget.

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