Leica Binoculars

Leica binoculars got their start back in 1925 when Oskar Barnack created his first 35mm camera. Since that time the Leica Camera Company has been one of the leaders of the technology industry. They were the first company to introduce a range finder that produced accurate results as well as the use of ridge prisms and spotted scopes that were specially fitted with eyepieces angled for better accuracy and more comfort. Leica binoculars today are among the most technologically advanced in the world. The company produces many different products and offers a variety of ranges on its binocular series’.

Ranges for Leica binoculars include the Ultravid HD range, Ultravid, Trinovid, Duovid and Geovid. Leica offers many different magnification ranges as well. Most of the binoculars from the company provide varying ranges of magnification. Options include 7X, 8X, 10X and 12X. 12X magnification is the highest level of magnification that is currently available on Leica binoculars and is available on the Ultravid HD 50mm set. Dual magnification binoculars are also available and offer varying magnification combinations such as 8X/12X and 10X/15X. Binoculars from Leica are also available with objective lenses. These range in sizes from 20mm and 56mm with the largest being on the Geovid BRF 52 series. Field of view is another benefit of Leica binoculars. Varying models offer ranges for field of view of up to 420 feet. The largest field of view range is featured on the Ultravid HD 42 models.

Leica binoculars are available in a variety of sizes, magnification ranges and with many different features and capabilities. There are currently fifteen different models from which you can choose and each model carries the Leica brand of quality. Leica produces other range finding and magnifying products as well including spotting scopes, various camera equipment and digital scopes.

Pricing for Leica binoculars is certainly not cheap but then again, the quality more than makes up for the hefty price tag. You can find Leica products at a number of sporting goods stores, various department stores and online retailers including the official Leica website where all company products are sold. The product pricing ranges from around $500 for the lowest end binoculars up to nearly $3,000 for those that offer the most features. The most expensive binocular offered by Leica currently is the 15X56 Geovid BRF which is a range finding binocular. Of course with a hefty price tag also comes a hefty warranty.

Leica provides two different protection levels with regards to their binoculars. They offer a lifetime limited warranty to cover various issues that often plague many products. Things such as broken objects or missing parts will be covered by the lifetime limited warranty. In addition to this warranty they also provide a no fault passport protection. This covers the binoculars for the first three years after you purchase them from a retailer. This is protection against anything that may happen to the binoculars after you have purchased them and while they are in your possession. After the first three years of ownership have passed your binoculars are still covered for life. There is a minimal deductible for maintenance fees however.

Leica offers many popular binocular models that are hits with sportsmen around the world. The most popular for many is the Ultravid 10X25 BR. If you are planning to purchase Leica binoculars from an online retailer it is important that you check for credibility. Again these are certainly not what one would consider cheap products so if you are planning to pay the price tag for a Leica product then you should be certain to receive an official Leica product.

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