Lawn Sprinkler Systems

A well-kept lawn is a treat for the eyes, an asset in determining property value, and a great way to enhance the visual appeal of your property. There are a great many ways to maximize the health of your lawn. You could invest in fertilizer, expensive seeds, that claim to grow hardy grass, or even hire a professional gardener. What most people don’t think to do, however, is to implement a simple lawn care addition that can save a great deal of time, money and effort.

A lawn sprinkler system, at its most basic, removes the stress and work or watering your lawn. When the average person has the responsibility of caring for a lawn, they often forget to water it regularly, or are even too lazy at times to bother. Even when they do get it done, people have a tendency to use too much, or too little, water at the risk of compromising the health of the grass. This is where a lawn sprinkler can be very useful.

They are designed to use just the right amount of water to provide moisture to the soil, without overdoing it and promoting fungal growth. Some even come with advanced additional features such as setting a timer for regular watering, or automatic fertilization of the soil. You can set the sprinklers to go off at a convenient time of day, perhaps while you’re at work or asleep, to prevent interference with you daily routine – and modify the settings as necessary. Most will even let you adjust the amount of water used (for economizing purposes) and, a few, even have sensors that prevent them from spraying water, if someone happens to be in the vicinity at the watering time. In short, all the stress of watering your lawn is removed.

As mentioned earlier, many can also fertilize your lawn the way you like. This is convenient as most people don’t want to spend the time measuring out cups of fertilizer, and water, on a daily basis. Such sprinklers will let you “load” them for a pre-determined time and let the automated system do the rest. You can change the ratio of fertilizer to water, with vary grass types, without running the risk of inconsistency – it takes one accidental overdose of fertilizer to make the soil very acidic and kill your precious lawn.

One other advantage to sprinklers is that they can save you money. It takes considerably more water to hose down your lawn, everyday, than to simply let your sprinkler to give the soil a gentle spray of water. Not only does this do a better job of targeting the roots that need water, but it’s also cheaper on your water bill and better for your grass too.

An occasional bonus to having a sprinkler system is peace of mind when traveling. Often, families return from extended vacations to find their lawn brown and dried, with weeds growing over the dead grass – not a very nice welcome home present.

Most people might ask neighbors to water their lawns, in their absence, and a few even saturate the soil with water (which does nothing more than encourage fungal growth and kill the lawn faster). Here, again, a sprinkler system solves the problem. Your lawn will be watered, day after day, every day until your return.

Assuming that I’ve made my point about the immeasurable value of such a system, you may think it difficult to obtain and setup. On the contrary, you can get sprinkler systems at a nearby hardware store, gardening shop, or even cheaper online. Most can be installed, without professional help, on the same day. A lawn sprinkler system is a very worthwhile investment that will save you time, work, and a great deal of money.

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