Lawn Edger

A lawn edger is a very useful lawn maintenance tool that everyone should have. It proves to be very effective when dealing with certain areas of your yard. The lawn edger is especially useful when cutting or trimming grass near your driveway, walking paths, and objects in your yard. You can make more precise cuts that maintain the visual appearance where grass meets with pavement, soil, etc.

Everyone that is responsible for his or her own lawn care should make the investment in a lawn edger. It may seem to have a little job but without it you would struggle to actually do that job. There are alternative ways to accomplish the task but they tend to be tricky and the results are not the same. To get the best results when completing this type of precision grass cutting work, you definitely need to use a lawn edger.

What is the Best Style of Lawn Edger?

You can find a lawn edger in many different styles. The main differences between them is how they are all powered and operated. The electric models tend to be lightweight and easy to operate. The gas models can be heavier but are still very effective. The manually powered models require a bit of effort and strength to be effective. Lastly, the rechargeable models are just as effective as the electric models with the main difference being that they have a rechargeable battery.

What is the Best Gas Engine for a Lawn Edger?
The gas engine that is used in the lawn edger will factor into how good of a tool it will really be. You should look for a lawn edger that has a 4-cycle engine. There should also be different tanks for each gas and oil to be stored within the engine. The ultimate benefit of this type of engine will be a higher amount of horsepower when compared to your other choices. You may want to try to avoid the 2-cycle engine as it requires gas and oil to be mixed (at a specific ratio) and it operates at a much lower horsepower.

What is the Best Blade Size for a Lawn Edger?
The blade size of a lawn edger will be a very important factor in how good a specific model will be. You will want to look for a lawn edger that has an ideal blade size. The most common blade sizes for a lawn edger would range from 7 to 10 inches. The depth can be modified with most of these models to anywhere between 1 and 4 inches.

Why Choose a Manually Operated Lawn Edger?
Using an electric or gas-powered lawn edger can get the job done for you. However, the manually operated lawn edger may be more effective for you. This will vary by person. With the manually operated model you will be required to use the lawn edger as if it was in a shovel while following the path. Look for a demonstration of the specific technique to use this type of lawn edger online though.

Lawn maintenance is a very important part of keeping the value of your property up. It also plays a major role with how appealing your property looks. If you take the time to cut your grass then you should take the time to trim the grass near your driveway, walk path, and any other area that could benefit from it. To do this job more efficiently, you should invest in a lawn edger. Before you choose a specific model to buy though, put some research into your decision so you get the best lawn edger for your situation specifically.

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