Lavatory Faucets

Lavatory is an older term for the bathroom. It is no longer a common term today. In fact, when it is used, it tends to be as a reference to the bathroom sink. The term lavatory faucet refers to the faucet of the bathroom sink, otherwise known as the bathroom sink tap or fixture. The design of a lavatory faucet is usually pretty basic. It will most likely be located in the center of the bathroom sink. There are some unique designs of lavatory faucets available though. There should be an intriguing look that will go with the décor of your bathroom respectably. There are also some lavatory faucets that include unique features that can come in handy as well.

Types of Lavatory Faucets
There are three different types of lavatory faucets that are common. These include the widespread, single lever, and center set lavatory faucets. Take a look below for some information on each of them.

Widespread Lavatory Faucet
The widespread lavatory faucet is more common in historical homes. It was designed with multiple fixtures in the bathroom sink. There would be a fixture for cold water, and another for hot water. This is the basic of having a widespread lavatory faucet. There are now lavatory faucets that are available with shared water, both cold and hot in the same fixture.

For the more modern design of widespread lavatory faucets, it would likely be compared to the center set design. There is a major commonality with the two as there are two separate water temperature controls (cold/hot). However, the use of widespread lavatory faucets today is to provide a more classic feel to the bathroom’s décor.

Single Lever Lavatory Faucet
The single lever lavatory faucet is common with vessel sinks. The vessel sinks are sink bowls that sit above the counter level. Usually the bottom of the sink will be completely level with the counter. The single lever faucet is used with these designs and makes the vessel sink even more unique. This type of lavatory faucet provides a modern, yet vintage, feel to the design.

The main attention grabber of the single lever lavatory faucet is that it only has one control, which can be used to provide any varying temperature between freezing cold and boiling hot. Also, the spigot is usually built directly under the lever. An example of an intriguing feature would be a single lever lavatory faucet that utilizes an occupancy sensor to automatically provide water. This is becoming more popular in public bathrooms, especially at shopping malls and similar public areas.

Center Set Lavatory Faucet
The center set lavatory faucet is pretty basic by design and does not offer anything appealing at all. It consists of a lever on both the left and right of the spigot, which is located in the center of the bathroom sink. The design of these types of sink faucets is nothing spectacular and it may not hamper the quality of your bathroom décor but it will not improve it either. These faucets are inexpensive but for someone looking for a visually appealing lavatory faucet, they would not be the way to go.

There are many different types of lavatory faucets. This article has covered three of the most common styles of them. You may want to read up on more of the other types of lavatory faucets as well. When investing in one for your bathroom sink, it would be important to factor in the design and functionality of the faucet. You will likely be able to find something that is visually appealing, matches the décor of your bathroom, and offers the features that you require, if you do a bit of searching.

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