Laundry Sinks

Laundry sinks are also called utility sinks or laundry tubs. They come in various sizes. Some are single sinks, while other models are the double sink design. You can find laundry sinks in homes that have laundry rooms, mudrooms or basements. They can be located anywhere else in the house where there is a washer and dryer nearby. These types of sinks can vary in size. You will find laundry sinks are very useful. Besides being used for washing or presoaking exceptionally dirty clothes, you can use them also to hand wash delicate clothing items. People also use them to wash off muddy boots or a convenient place to give the family dog a bath, etc. People nowadays find dozens of ways to use laundry sinks that people in the past may have never even thought of.

In the past, if you had an old fashioned laundry sink you only used it for utilitarian purposes. The modern day laundry sinks on the market nowadays have changed the way people view them. Today, they are being made from all kinds of materials. You will find laundry sinks made from polypropylene or stainless steel as well as glass, porcelain or stone. The laundry sink you choose can make an attractive addition to your laundry room or mud room now and you can find them in various sizes up to 20 gallons or more.

Laundry sinks used to be located on a back wall where there was a drain and faucets it could be attached too. Now you can find free standing laundry sinks that can be on a pedestal or inserted into cabinets, etc. and then plumbed to a drain. You can locate one in an entry way to the home as well where people find them convenient to place their dirty or wet shoes and outer clothing that has gotten muddy. Having a laundry sink for this purpose can save your carpet and flooring from having mud tracked all over. You don’t have to live in the snow or out in the country to appreciate a good laundry sink. Think of all those times you come inside after mowing the lawn with grass all over your shoes. You can take off your grass stained shoes and leave them in the laundry sink to clean later.

A lot of people have found other ways to use their laundry sinks. For instance, they can be used for parties now too. This is a great place to put your crushed ice and party drinks in when you are having a party at home. Another thing people use them for now is to defrost a large turkey in or some other large piece of meat in so they can still use the kitchen sink while it is defrosting.

When shopping for a new laundry sink you should look for one that easy to install and compare the various brands that are available. You will need to place it close to a water source so some careful planning may be required if you are retrofitting a laundry sink into your home. If you are buying a new home make sure there is a laundry room with a laundry sink already installed so you can enjoy the benefits of one too. Simple laundry sinks are still popular. You can find them for around $100. The fancier type laundry sinks will cost more, depending on the material it is made from. Laundry sinks also need to have a drain. If you are just replacing an old laundry sink it will not be a problem. If you are putting in a brand new laundry sink in a location where there was none before, you may have to call a plumber to do the job for you. The plumber can make sure the water is hooked up and a drain is installed for you.

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