Laserjet Printer

Should you choose a laserjet printer for your business and having trouble making that decision? Before you buy, stop a minute and take into consideration how much printing you will be doing on a regular basis. What types of things do you want to print out? If you are a student just wanting to print out homework or term papers, a cheap inkjet printer will be all that you will need. Maybe you just want to print out new recipes if you are a stay at home mom. If that is the case, all you need is an inkjet printer too.

You can pick up an ink jet printer pretty cheap online or at any office supply store. A lot of these cheap printers are sold with new computers just to help get you started. These types of printers are not very expensive but you do have to keep replacing the ink cartridges. The ink cartridges are really the expensive component to factor in when you are dealing with an inkjet printer. That is because you have to keep buying new ink cartridges or else you have to buy an ink re-filler kit so you can refill the ink yourself all the time. However, the ink jet printer is so cheap that it kind of makes up for the high cost of replacing ink cartridges all the time.

A laserjet printer is a lot more expensive than an inkjet printer. Even though a laserjet printer will cost you more, it will give you the high quality print jobs that are suitable for business and legal documents. Whereas, an inkjet printer will sometimes leave the print a little blurry and it is very easy to get ink smudges all over your print job too. You really do not want to print out sloppy business or legal documents if you are a business owner. It will be to your best interest to buy a laserjet printer for your office or even for your law firm to use if you are an attorney.

If your hobby or your business just happens to deal with printing out photos, you will also want to get a laserjet printer. That is because these printers can produce really high-resolution photos for you. If you are a wedding photographer or any other type of professional photographer who sells their photos, a laserjet printer will not be an option for you. It will be a necessity. A color laserjet printer is going to cost you around $3000 for some of the better ones for printing photographs.

You can do some comparison shopping online if you want to find out what all the options are. A new laserjet printer today can print 11-15 ppm. A few years ago you could have only gotten one that printed out 4-11 ppm for the same price as the new and faster ones today. If you run a business with a lot of employees, the speed will be important because your employees will have to share the printer.

Your business will be able to cut down on printing costs if you use a laserjet printer too. Laserjet printers actually cost a few cents per page less to print than do ink jet printers. However, there is another cost drawback on a laserjet printer. The cost of the toner replacement cartridge is quite expensive. They can range from $80 to $200 to replace. But, you only have to replace the toner about once a year. You can also upgrade your printer too, so that is another reason to choose a laserjet printer for your business.

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