Laser Toner Cartridge

If you are using a laser printer, it will originally come with a brand name laser toner cartridge. The laser printer uses laser technology that is vastly different than the technology that inkjet printers use. Laser printing technology uses light photons that are discharged onto a cylindrical transparent drum. The drum is coated with the toner that carries a positive charge so that the letters and images that you are sending from the computer over the drum are positively charged too. As the negatively charged paper rolls over the drum, the positively charged letters and images are transferred to the paper. It takes a laser toner cartridge to accomplish this task.

Fax machines and copiers that produce a large volume of copies are usually ones that use a laser toner cartridge. When you purchase a laser toner cartridge, you will notice that they are more expensive than ink jet cartridges. This is because they are capable of much greater output. Most toner cartridges will yield approximately 4000 pages with 5% coverage before it runs out of ink. A color laser toner cartridge will cost a little bit more than a black ink toner cartridge. However, since the black toner typically runs out faster than a color toner, you can still continue to make copies if you switch your print to a color, rather than black.

Some people will try to make the black toner cartridge last a little longer by taking it out to shake it and then placing it back into the printer. You can get about 100-200 more copies printed out because shaking the cartridge makes all the ink that has settled in the cartridge usable.

You can purchase a laser toner cartridge that has been remanufactured and save money on one that way. A remanufactured laser toner cartridge may not be brand new but it will produce almost the same results as a new cartridge. These are great for people on a budget. They are professionally made and can be depended on to produce quality printed documents and hard copies that you need for your business or home. You will also find that most manufactures will warranty their toners. If you look for them online, you can find a remanufactured laser toner cartridge at significant discounts. Buying in bulk will also save you more money on these laser cartridges too. If you would like to refill the cartridge yourself, you can do that with any one of a number of refill kits that are available for the cartridges for major brands.

Laser printers are extremely popular because of how fast they can print and the quality of the printed material they are able to put out. At one time, they were much too expensive for a small business or home owner to purchase, but today they are very affordable. However, the cost a new laser toner cartridge is outrageous to many people so when the toner runs out, they will just go out and buy a new printer.

You can find a high quality laser toner cartridge that is discounted, but made from all new parts. These are not made by well known brand name companies but they are made using the same technology as the brand name laser toner cartridges. You can find one that has the exact specifications needed for your particular printer. You can also find reputable printer merchants online that will give you a one-year warranty on your toner cartridge as well. These discounted cartridges will also give you the print quality you need and expect from a laser toner cartridge. Best of all, a discounted laser toner cartridge will typically last longer than a name brand cartridge because they usually have more ink in them.

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