Laser Copier

If you run your own small office business, you may be in the market for a laser copier. There are several on the market for sale and it is very easy to find information about the brands on the internet. You can even lease a laser copier for your business needs. You will want to find the one that best suits your needs. Basically, the more expensive the laser copier, the more printing jobs it can do and it will be able to make your copies at a faster speed than the lower priced ones. If do not have a lot of copying to do then you can get away with buying one of the cheaper laser copiers.

Actually, the most affordable laser copiers will only print about four pages a minute, but you can find more expensive models that will print up to twenty-one pages per minute. However, these faster ones are very expensive but they can handle a lot of needed copy work, while the lower priced ones are not capable of standing up to it.

You will want to look for one that has sorting and finishing options. These options can be just a simple one that will sort your copies into multiple bins or bin free sorting. Simple sorting options come as a standard option but a laser copier can also be found that will fold your copies and even give you a three-hole-punch option and staple them for you too. Copier finishing options like stapling or three-hole-punch are not a standard function on the least expensive copiers so expect to pay more for your laser copier if you want these features.

Your laser copier will most likely have an automatic document feeder so that you will not have to feed your documents individually. Almost all of them do now but you should ask the salesmen about the document feeder before you buy your copier. The automatic feeder saves you time and is much more convenient as well as efficient. You can also find a laser copier that has a re-circulating document feed feature for copying double-sided documents.

Today’s laser copiers usually are multifunctional. This means the machine will not only make copies, but it will be able to send and receive faxes, scan documents into your computer, allow image editing, etc. These four in one machines are available that will copy, scan, print from your computer and fax. Some even have a phone on them too.

Buying a laser copier can be expensive but you will find that you can do more with it than you can with an inkjet printer. The laser copier ink cartridges are more expensive however and can even cost as much as the printer in some cases. The good thing is that you can set the printer to only print in black and white for most of your copying so you save on the color cartridges. You can also set it on low quality until you print out your final documents and save on the ink that way too.

If you are into printing photographs, then a laser copier is not for you. The reason for this is that laser printer is not able to print high-resolution images. They are limited on the type of paper that you can use and photograph paper should not be put though a laser copier. If your business needs to print photographs, then you should get a bubble jet ink printer.

Before you buy a laser copier, you should consider your office space too. They are very heavy and can take up a lot of room. You can find more information about purchasing a laser copier online.

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