Laser Cartridges

Laser toner cartridges have claimed a mainstream platform in the recent market structure by producing excellent quality prints. It is reliable to the extent that the user will not have to run out of enough ink during an important project or printing the last pages of a meeting within a critical deadline. Among all the other varieties of printer and printer cartridges in the market, the laser printer and the laser printer toner cartridge has claimed their platform by producing high quality pictures that comes out sharper and crisper.

The prints are made by a process of powder coating. The cartridges produce powders which are electrically charged when printing. These types of cartridges enable a thousand pages to be printed at once enabling convenience when producing prints on a large scale. The cartridge requires be simple refilling or replacing, and replacing it holds the advantage of speed and portability.

There are four types of Laser Printer Toner Cartridges in the market to this date. They are as follows:

  • The first type is referred to as OEM cartridges, meaning, Original Equipment Manufacturer.
  • The second type is the Compatible cartridge. It is produced in order to be of equal or better quality than the OEM and they are generally cheaper than the cartridges from the OEM.
  • The third type is the remanufactured cartridge produced by recycling the cartridges from the OEM.
  • The fourth and last type is the refill kits, considered to be the cheapest of the variety.

The result of the increase in low-cost remanufactured cartridges has lead printer users to consider other alternatives such as the original cartridges. This has resulted in the producers to be cautious about the increasing production of these low quality laser printer cartridges.

Canon recently released reports bearing the losses of rebuilt printer cartridges. Quality examinations prove that 30% of remanufactured printer cartridges malfunction just after they are installed to the printer. This proportion includes even the ones which do not work even after they are checked and gone over. Original cartridges, however, shows a 0% percent rate of malfunction after they are tested. Further research suggests that the original cartridge printers produce a more superior and tolerable level of prints. Print superiority is received 98% of the times when original cartridges are used. This prevents the reprinting of bad pages, which as a result, saves a lot of time, paper as well as money. The original printer also utilizes the new ink systems as well as the print head technologies which might not be included in the generic category of cartridges.

Even though the rebuilt cartridges are cheap and provide the quick-fix savings to the users, however, they will prove to be a drawback in the long run. Apart from the fact that they produce low quality prints, they might also bring about clogging and leaking problems that might result in the malfunction of the overall printer. Due to these reasons, it is suggested to make the decision wisely, whether or not to buy remanufactured printers or not in order to optimize the user’s quality of work as well as the customer satisfaction of using the apparatus.

In order to produce a major printing project, it is suggested that the best products in printing supplies be utilized. The laser printer toner cartridges falls under the category of these superior printing supplies, providing very high quality printing, no matter how large the size of the job is. These toner cartridges are available at any computer shop and most departmental stores, initially costing a bit high a first, but provide a correspondingly high level of customer satisfaction.

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