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If you have laptop and use it to get on the internet a lot, you may have noticed that when you are instant messaging with your friends that they have a small icon by their name that looks like a video camera. That means that they have their laptop webcam on and if you click on the icon, you will be able to see them on your computer screen. A laptop webcam may already be built into your laptop when you buy it or you may have to buy one and add it on by plugging it into the usb port.

Several manufactures make them to add on that include the most popular ones by Logitech, Creative Labs and Dynex. If your do not already have a webcam built into your laptop and want to use a laptop webcam for instant messaging, do a little research to find the one that will be compatible with your particular laptop. Also look for one that will be compatible with the instant messenger program that you use.

Most laptop webcams work with MSN Messenger, yahoo, AOL and Skype VoIP. The new webcams will have an internal microphone so there’s no need to hook up an external mic to your laptop. Just position the camera at you and talk normally, and your voice will be picked up by it.

The picture quality on most laptop webcams is pretty good but some of the cheaper brands will freeze on you if you move around a lot. A laptop webcam is not difficult to set up. In fact you can set one up on your laptop in less than 5 minutes. Usually it is just hooked up through the USB port. Whichever laptop webcam you buy will come with software that must be installed and they usually have a website that you can go to for support if you need it.

You can buy a laptop webcam that sits on top of the laptop monitor screen if you buy one with stands that allow for it. Otherwise, you will have to place the camera next to it on the side which will not allow you to be able to look into it as you talk with people.

The quality of a webcam depends on the type of sensor it has. Most higher end webcams now use CCD technology. Low end webcams still use CMOS sensors which means they have lower resolution and your video will note be as clear or crisp. However, a laptop webcam that offers 1.3 mega pixel resolutions is adequate for delivering decent quality video.

They cameras come in different price ranges and start out around $30 up to a hundred dollars or more. If you go for a little more expensive one you can get better picture quality. Your images will stay razor sharp even in close up. If you do video calling with your laptop camera, a better quality camera is best. You can get one with 960 by 720 pixels and a universal monitor clip that will mount onto any type of laptop so that you can look right into the camera as you talk.

If you want a laptop webcam with face tracking abilities and zooming technology it will cost a little more too. The top recommended webcams that will support Skype are from Logitech or Microsoft. Both of these will cost around $50. The webcam buyer should be aware that high quality content transmission requires high speed internet connections.

Logitech did release a 2.0 megapixel laptop webcam that is the most advanced one on the market right now. It is the QuickCam Pro 9000 HD webcam. It supports HD and records videos in HD format. It is a little pricier than other webcams due to its advanced features.

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