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When we think of integral inventions, say, the airplane, the car, the telephone or the computer, we think about how they revolutionized the way we live. Airplanes let us jet across long distances in much shorter periods of time. Cars allow us to work farther from home, thus making a better living. Telephones allow us to communication across what once would have seemed like impossible distances in the blink of an eye. And computers, of course, can be called the mother of all technologies, as they allow us to share information, technology, money and more. All of these technologies have allowed for more commerce, globalization, the shrinking of the world. When you think about them, you think about them in glorious terms, as heroic inventions that have changed the world. What you don’t think about it… their accessories.

When commercial flights came into prominence, suddenly not only did airlines need airplanes – they needed flight attendants, foam pillows, and little packs of peanuts. Car makers needed to make car radios, dash boards, and cup holders. Telephones (especially mobile phones) and computers come with all sorts of accessories that you never in a million years would have thought if in contemplating the rise of the computer. One of these accessories is that all important laptop accessory, the laptop bag.

It is highly doubtful that when companies like Apple and Compaq started introducing their earliest laptops that they thought about how people would carry their revolutionary new machines around. They were likely much more interested in the technology that went inside the laptop than the cloth (or leather, or latex, you get the picture) that would eventually spend so much surrounding these small, versatile and miraculous machines. But as more and more on the go people began adopting laptops, it became clear that laptop bags would be necessary to accommodate them.

Luckily for all of us, who otherwise would have been stuck with laptops in our backpacks, purses, and grocery totes (or worse, under our arms), companies like Mobile Edge did see that laptop bags would soon become a ubiquitous accessory.

Much like clothes, a laptop bag seems to say quite a bit about the owner. For example, what would you think of someone carrying a black leather laptop bag, with a conservative cut and a tasseled opener? No matter what they were wearing, you would probably think they were a business person, right? Now how about someone carrying a laptop bag made of green canvas and covered in patches and permanent market graffiti? You would most likely have a very different impression of that person. And it probably would notsurprise you to know that those two people, with their very different laptop bags, are actually carrying the same laptops inside. That offers a lesson. Technology may be very similar, but leave it to humans to accessorize in everything from the way they use the technology (gaming, constructing a Powerpoint presentation, meeting a new potential love interest) to the way that they carry that technology around, i.e. in a special, customized laptop bag.

There are many places to buy laptop bags. In fact, most stores that sell laptops have realized the need to capitalize on such accessories and sell laptop bags in a location near where the laptops are sold. Sometimes they even throw in a free laptop bag for every laptop purchased. If you are in the market for a laptop, you will likely need a laptop bag. Perhaps after reading this article you will step back and think twice about what your choice of laptop bag says about you.

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