KVM Extender

A Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) device connects the keyboard, monitor and mouse to more than one computer. KVM extenders are part of a family of accessories that include switches and hardware for remote use, sharing or training. KVM extenders stretch out your set-up including keyboards and mouses. Longer distance KVM devices employ the use of fiber optic cables.

Extenders, which are made in the United States, Germany and Taiwan, are least advanced if made in Taiwan. However, the performance is good and these extenders can be used to carry out basic functions. U.S. devices are considered middle of the road in quality and often come with solid warranties, while German devices can go longer and are recommended for those using high-resolution graphics.

KVM extender devices are available in the forms of multiple coaxial cables, Category-5 cables and fiber-optic cables. Multiple coaxial cables are expensive and can be used for distances of up to 300 meters. Category 5 cables are sensitive to the outside environment, and there are different types for different environments. Cat-5 cables are easy to install. Fibre-optic cables are good with longer distances and can withstand environments of all types.

Most likely you will have a transmitter and receiver. Before you go shopping, determine how for you need to extend your KVM, what kind of resolution do you use, audio, video, USB and serial needs and where you are extending your device to (another computer? a game console?) Extenders usually have a range of about 100 feet and work well through walls. Cat 5 cables are the most common and range from 10 to 1,000 feet, and they are great when combining with other media or devices. For any longer extension needs, go for the fiber extenders.

As for good examples of KVM extenders, Avocent has quite a few options, and Rose Crystal View and Think Logical has a couple of offerings each. The Avocent LongView 1000 series KVM Extender, which lets separate users access the computer for up to 1,000 feet with no affect on the computer. Audio and serial ports are extended and installation is simple. A second user can easily hook up to the computer using this extender. The Avocent LongView 830 KVM Extender allows you to set up a second user system near the primary computer. Computers in the network can work well for up to 500 feet away with the assistance of a CAT 5 cable. Data security is improved and workers can freely move aorund the office. The Avocent LongView 430 KVM Extender can control computers from up to 500 feet from your desk and is a good tool for improving the security of your devices and data. Connects such devices as keyboards, monitors, mouses, speakers, microphones, serial devices and more for flexibility.

The Avocent LongView IP KVM Extender gives you the freedom to not be limited by distance. This is a good device for people looking for high-end audio and visual output. You can enjoy the freedom of using your devices away from the computer as needed and remotely access system components. The Avocent LongView 3500W KVM Extender is a wireless device with quick and simple installation. You need no software to install this device that connects audio/video devices and displays such as LCD screens, monitors, plasma screens and projector devices. Signal ranges from 150 to 300 feet. The Avocent ECMS2000 Digital Workstation Extender is great for high-end digital content because it yields high resolution graphics with rich color depth, sharp responses, strong audio and a wide variety of compatibility. Mission critical servers are well served by this extender device as well.

Among the Rose Crystal View devices, the ExtenderRose CrystalView DVI Fiber CAT5/6 KVM Extender is a good choice for businesses that need to operate a computer or alternative device for up to 400 feet. This device supports all types of monitors and video cards. The ExtenderRose CrystalView DVI Fiber also is a good choice for businesses who need remote access, and it employs the use of a fiber optic cable. You can operate a computer or remote device for as far away ad 6 miles using this extender! The ExtenderRose CrystalView DVI Fiber KVM Extender works for distances of up to 1,000 feet away, employing the use of a twisted CAT cable.

Meanwhile, the ThinkLogical EVS Series KVM Extender is an affordable device that has many advanced features and a wide range of compatibility. Works for distances of up to 3,280 feet. This is a great device to purchase for those who are very conscious of security measures. The Thinklogical fiber optic KVM and Video Extender Line works for distances of up to 1,000 meters and is compatible with PS2 and USB. The ThinkLogical Simple-link is great for telecommuting and uses an encrypted browser.

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