Kohler Bathroom Faucets

Renowned for their smooth styling and sleek design, Kohler bathroom faucets have been a major fixture in high-end bathrooms for decades. Boasting some of the most durable and versatile style and designs in the business, Kohler’s sleek and elegant bathroom faucets are backed up by major quality control, high-end and durable materials, and a sense of natural belonging that others lack.

Perhaps that’s why so many homeowners choose to outfit their home’s bathrooms, or even its other sinks, with Kohler bathroom faucets. With a wide range of different designs available, some with a simple design and others decidedly more complex in their styling, Kohler quite literally has faucets to fit any bathroom, regardless of its size, scale, or current faucets and other major fixtures.

Kohler’s bathroom faucet range can be sorted into two primary groups: decorative faucets and sink and shower bathroom faucets. While there’s some overlap between the two categories – decorative faucets can, for example, be used on a sink or shower, the two are largely independent. We’ve taken a look at both types of faucet in greater detail below, comparing them in terms of style and usability.

Look at Kohler’s standard bathroom faucets range and you’ll immediately notice their stylish, even utilitarian design. Built using the same leading industrial design ideas as Braun’s appliances and the ultra-hot technology of Dyson or Apple Inc., Kohler bathroom faucets are effortlessly stylish despite never trying to stand out. They’re subtle and stylish – exactly what the home bathroom requires.

They’re also decidedly simple, typically containing few of the features seen on other ultra-advanced shower faucets or sink controls. There’s no wide selection of spray modes to choose from, no button or control layouts in the middle of the faucet, and relatively few actual plug or drainage controls. In most cases, Kohler bathroom faucets are minimalistic, and the result is surprisingly better usability.

How? Because by removing the features that many other bathroom fixtures include, such as a huge selection of different shower faucet spray modes, for example, Kohler bathroom faucets cut down a complex appliance to the point where it’s easy to use. There are complex faucets available, but none of the forced complexity found on other bathroom items, such as those made by many competitors.

Even Kohler’s decorative bathroom faucets retain the same sense of important simplicity, despite an overall focus on intricate designs. The company’s decorative faucet line includes shower faucets that are finished in decorative ceramics, and even porcelain sink controls. Truly a product for those with high-end furnishings in mind, these Kohler bathroom faucets are graceful without seeming kitsch.

With these two product lines, Kohler bathroom faucets are suitable for both stylish modern homes, a possibility due to their chic and minimalistic design; and older, classically designed homes, due to a large assortment of ceramic and florally-decorated models. Whether your home is modern and sharp or older and somewhat more nostalgic, it’s possible to decorate it using Kohler bathroom faucets.

So just what is available in Kohler’s bathroom fittings line? There’s the standard bathroom sink and hand basin faucets, which are available in a variety of stainless steel and ceramic finishes. There’s a wide range of shower faucets, almost all of which are available both as all-in-one pressure and heat controls or as separate hot-cold taps, allowing for both of the popular shower tap configurations.

Then there’s the bidet faucets, which are finished in a variety of styles to match Kohler’s other small bathroom faucets. Throughout the entire lineup of Kohler bathroom faucets, a sense of consistent or reliable style is present. While few items in the collection stand out, as no bathroom faucet should, a wide variety of items in the collection complement each other in a perfect, design harmonious way.

Perhaps that’s what’s made the company’s bathroom and home plumbing fittings so popular, despite the amount of low-cost competitors on the market. While Kohler has never been a leader in pricing, its reputation for quality and style has rarely been matched. All of its bathroom faucets, whether an inconspicuous sink faucet or a bathtub filler faucet, are designed to blend in and still be interesting.

This consistent style is continued throughout all Kohler bathroom items, including those that are to be used outside of the home bathroom. Larger sinks and other items all retain a similar industrial or engineered style, appearing simple yet always elegant. Kohler bathroom faucets are a mainstay for high-end hotels for a reason – not only are they reliable, but they’re immensely stylish too.

If your bathroom requires both function and style; elegance and simplicity, then Kohler bathroom faucets are certainly worth considering. Available in a wide variety of styles and able to be bought at a range of different price points, there’s truly a Kohler bathroom faucet to suit anyone’s budget.

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