Kodak All-in-One Printers

Kodak is one of the few consumer electronics companies that have stuck to their niche like a leech. Here, the simile is used in a supportive manner. Companies that stick to doing what they know best and keep trying to get better at it can be relied upon, and the quality of their product almost always outlasts that of similar products manufactured by other ‘do-it-all’ brands. This is so because such companies manufacture and create the technology that’s in their products since that is the only way for them to hold on to their market. Other companies will usually ‘assemble’ and put together products that in the end have nothing of their own. However, you will find such ‘niche’ companies in large numbers. One such company specializing in digital imaging consumer products is Kodak.

Kodak manufactures cameras, camcorders, printers, media players, imaging and photography software and many other related products. The prices of Kodak products are also often quite lower than those of competitive brands. Among other products, Kodak also manufactures photo printers. These printers are different from ordinary printers, as they are used to print photographs on photo paper – most of them high quality, high-res pictures. These printers make it extremely easy to now have your pictures in hand, real and tangible instead of virtual. A photo printer can print on different sizes, depending on the resolution of the original photograph. And of course, printers for home use have a maximum size limit.

Kodak printers come in two different variants: The All-in-One printer and the ESP All-in-One printer. Each variant has a few models under it. Kodak printers are All-in-One, so you can print, scan and copy using a single machine. However, different printers have different additional features, depending on what use one puts them to. An office is most likely to use the Kodak printer differently than a home. Similarly, the size of the office and the type of business also matters a great deal.

All-in-One Kodak Printers: These are the 5500, 5300, 5100 models. The 5500 All-in-One Kodak printer can print, copy, scan and fax. It takes only 28 seconds to print a photograph with just one click. IT easily prints from most memory cards and boasts of saving 50% of your cost as compared to other printers. It costs $199.99. The 5300 offers all the facilities of 5500 except faxing and also has a 3 inch color display which can help you fix the size of the photographs before printing. The 5100 prints, scans and copies. Unlike the previous two models, this one is Bluetooth enabled. It is the best solution for those who want a Kodak printer for general use at home or a home-office.

ESP Kodak printers: The ESP 9,7,5,3 is for professional photo printing. If you are a photographer, or are in the imaging business yourself, then these are the ones for you. The ESP 9 Kodak printer boasts of the most intelligent paper tray system in the works and can help you print almost twice as many photos as you would otherwise. Along with a printer, it is also a fax machine, copier and scanner. It comes with built in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. It also has an automatic touch sensitive panel, document feeder and duplexer. It costs $299.9. The ESP 7 Kodak printer offers all the features of the ESP 9 except faxing, and touch sensitive panel. The ESP 5 and 3 Kodak printers print, scan and copy. They print 29 pages in color within a minute as compared to the 30 pages in the previous two models. However, the printers automatically detect the type of photo paper and modify setting for the picture accordingly to give you optimized results.

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