KitchenAid Food Processors

KitchenAid is a very popular brand name for small kitchen appliances as well as larger appliances. They produce a number of kitchen essentials in a range of sizes and designs as well as prices. A KitchenAid food processor is a very popular product and will allow you to create a number of dishes. The cost will vary depending on the specific model that you purchase. Each model offers its own features and benefits and color choices are available on virtually all models. Colors can range from white and black to red and even light pink. You have the ability to purchase a KitchenAid food processor in virtually any color that you want so you can match it up with your existing kitchen décor. They range in sizes from the mini chef choppers to those that can hold up to twelve cups of food at once. There is literally a model to satisfy all needs.

Choosing the right KitchenAid food processor will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Again, there are several different models to consider. If you are a single person then a smaller model will be sufficient. If however you have a large family or you simply enjoy cooking for large crowds then you may need a larger model. The food processors come in three cup capacities that are perfect if you want to make dips and sauces as well as chop small amounts of food. These smaller models are very compact yet powerful enough to stand up to the toughest chefs. They are very affordable at about half the price of a traditional sized food processor and easy to clean.

If you need a larger food processor then KitchenAid provides these as well. The KitchenAid 12 Cup Food Processor and the 12 Cup Wide Mouth Food Processor are both excellent choices for anyone who needs a larger capacity. They are durable and versatile and give you a variety of functions. In between the smaller models and the 12 cup models KitchenAid offers a 7 and 9 cup variety that are perfect for those who need to occasionally cook up a bit more than normal. They are not as compact as the mini choppers but are much smaller than the largest models and powerful enough to chop ice, nuts and other foods easily. Choosing the right size will help you to get the most out of your new food processor. Take some time to determine just what size you will need.

Once you have determined the size that you need you can begin to look at design. KitchenAid offers food processors in a number of different colors including black, white, stainless steel, brushed nickel, pink, red, turquoise and a host of other colors. You can simply choose the color that best compliments your kitchen décor or choose a color that you want. Many retailers offer a variety of models and colors. Once you have determined the specific size that you need and the color that you want you can begin looking at different retailers to find the best overall price. Again, the small mini choppers are the most affordable. Cost will increase by size and according to the retailer that you purchase from. The middle range models such as the 7 cup capacity processors typically run around $100. The larger 12 cup models can be purchased for around $200 but again this will depend on the retailer. Take your time and compare a few different retailers to find the lowest cost. Be certain that you receive a warranty on the product that you purchase. You should also check the exchange and return policy of the retailer to protect yourself just in case the food processor is damaged when you get it home.

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