Kitchen Utensils

In order to run effectively, every kitchen must be properly stocked. The most successful restaurants have well-stocked kitchens and the rules do not change for home kitchens. While there are more and more kitchen utensils hitting the market every day, there are a few that no kitchen should ever be without. Many of these are considered stapes in the kitchen and have a variety of uses.

A spatula is one of the most important tools in your kitchen. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes as well as colors and materials. Choosing the correct size of spatula depends entirely on its use. Typical spatulas are used for cooking or stirring food. Baking spatulas can be used to stir or fold ingredients for use with icing or frosting baked goods. Keep in mind when purchasing a spatula that many give the maximum temperature that the spatula can withstand. Consider what you plan to use each spatula for and be sure to choose one that will not melt or become damaged at certain temperatures.

A ladle is another kitchen utensil that should be in every kitchen. These can be used for stirring or serving soups, gravy and broth. Be certain that you choose a ladle that can withstand higher temperatures. You will find that ladles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes as well as materials and colors. Spoons, like ladles, can be purchased to withstand higher temperatures. These come in a wide variety of sizes and can be found in wood, plastic and metal. Many have slots or holes to drain liquids from foods when serving. A whisk is an important tool in the kitchen as well, particularly for those who like to bake. These are primarily used to beat eggs and creams and to stir ingredients together when they need air whipped into them. They are an excellent tool for making pastries and other sweet treats and come in a variety of sizes. In fact, it is a good idea to own several different sized whisks to be certain that you have the perfect size for all of your baking needs.

Those who tend to cook with cheese may know the convenience of owning a grater. If you do not want to pay higher prices for cheeses that are already grated, you can grate them yourself at home. Keep in mind that graters come in a variety of types. Boxed graters are the most commonly used and have different sizes of grating holes on every side. They are an excellent choice for those who tend to use graters frequently and can be perfect for grating cheese as well as making lemon zests and chocolate whirls.

A vegetable peeler and vegetable brush are important kitchen utensils as well. A well-made and sturdy vegetable peeler can save you significant time in the kitchen when peeling potatoes, apples and other fruits and vegetables. Be sure that you choose a peeler that fits well in your hand and is comfortable to use. Vegetable brushes help to ensure that you properly clean dirt and other blemishes from your fruits and vegetables. Choose a vegetable brush that fits comfortably in your hand and is made from sturdy bristles.

While nearly all kitchens today have an electric can opener of some sort, a manual can opener is a crucial kitchen utensil. This can help you to open larger cans or to open cans when your electricity fails. In addition, manual can openers are much easier to clean than their electric counterparts. Finally, to properly stock your kitchen with the needed kitchen utensils, you will need a cutting board. Cutting boards are generally made from wood or plastic and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can also purchase cutting boards that are made from marble if you want, although they do tend to be a bit more expensive. Be sure that your cutting board is high quality and will last through heavy use. Generally speaking, although marble cutting boards tend to last the longest, wooden boards are much better to use since they resist bacteria much better than plastic or marble.

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