Kitchen Timer

Millions of kitchens around the world use kitchen timers. Although most use these timers to help alert them of cooking times and to follow recipe directions, there are other uses for your kitchen timer that you may have never considered.

You can use a kitchen timer to help you keep track of cleaning times. If you are prone to spend much more time than necessary on specific cleaning jobs, thus not completely getting through your cleaning schedule for the day, you can set a kitchen timer to give yourself enough time to actually do the specific task that you set out to do. Once the timer alerts you that your time is up, you can move on to another cleaning task. This can help you to keep your cleaning organized and ensure that you have time in your day to finish all your cleaning chores.

Kitchen timers are also excellent devices for helping children remained focused on tasks. If your children tend to spend much too much time watching television or you simply need them to focus more on their homework, you can set a timer for them. If you are attempting to get your children to clean their rooms in a timely manner, set a kitchen timer giving them fifteen to thirty minutes. Once they have cleaned with a timer for a few times, they will be much more likely to clean more efficiently in the future. Using a kitchen timer is also an excellent idea for children who simply cannot give up their television time. You can set a kitchen timer, explaining to your children that once it rings they will have to turn off the television. This will help to teach your children, particularly younger children, the importance of time restraints and will help you to be able to coax them away from the television much more successfully. Using a kitchen timer is also a good idea if you have children who are still subject to “time outs”. You can set the kitchen timer once you have placed your child in your designated “time out” area. Once the timer goes off, your child will know that their punishment is over. This can help you to explain the benefits of calming down periods and help your child to feel less like they are being punished and more like they are being taught a valuable lesson.

Of course, using a kitchen timer in the kitchen is also a good idea, particularly since this is the use that they were designed for. Using a kitchen timer can help you to carry on with other tasks while you are cooking or baking without the fears of overcooking or burning your food. When you bake particularly, it is vitally important that you take note of the time in order to ensure that your foods come out perfectly. Overcooking foods such as pies, cakes and breads can take away from their taste and cause them to be less moist and overly dry.

Using a kitchen timer will help you to alleviate the fears of overcooking and allow you to carry on with other tasks as needed. If you must go into other areas of your home while you are cooking or baking, you can easily carry your kitchen timer with you. This way you will instantly know when your food is ready to be taken off the stove or out of the oven. This gives you the opportunity to carry on with house cleaning or other needed tasks and still ensures that your food comes out perfectly every time. Kitchen timers are a woman’s best friend with regards to baking and cooking while still performing other household tasks throughout the day.

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