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With all of the kitchen gadgets that are on the market today, one appliance is still one of the most reliable, the electric mixer. If you are not familiar with the mixer, it is an electrical appliance that is used to mix, fold, beat and whip wet and dry ingredients when baking or cooking. There are two different types of mixers, the hand held mixer and the stand mixer.

The very first electric mixer was invented in 1908 and the company that created them was Kitchen Aid. Kitchen Aid is still one of the best appliance companies in the business today. The hand mixer is more compact and less expensive than the stand mixer. The hand held mixer has three speeds, usually marked by the numbers, 1-2 and 3. It was figured that a two-beater mixer would increase productivity. So the most common style of mixer has two beaters rather than the single beater mixer.

The hand mixer is easy to use; simply secure the beaters by inserting them into the spaces provided. Make sure that they click; if they are not properly secured they could come off when you turn on the mixer. Then place the mixer into your mixture or batter and turn on the desired speed. Always make sure that the mixer is already in the bowl or you could end up with a big mess.

The hand mixer is perfect for making cake batter, homemade whip cream or beating egg whites. One of the great features of the hand held mixer is that you can mix your ingredients in the same bowl that you are using. You can mix in any size bowl. These mixers are available in any appliance store as well as many discount stores too.

The stand kitchen mixers are a step up from the hand held mixer. These were created to help save time in the kitchen. Most restaurant kitchens use these mixers to make multiple products like cookie dough, cakes or sauces. This style of mixer is basically a bowl, larger motor with the mixer with a tilting head attached. They have stronger motors than the handheld mixer. There are some stand mixers that are designed for the home kitchen.

Then there are the more industrial size mixers that are used in bakeries and restaurants. Some of these mixers use a 100 quart bowls, which is a huge difference than the home mixers that use about 4 quarts. These stand mixers will save you a lot of time when doing catering jobs or just baking for the holidays.

They are reasonably priced between $ 50.00 for a less expensive model but the bigger the capacity the more expensive they become. Both mixers have their place in the kitchen. For smaller jobs like making whipped cream, the hand held mixer is perfect. If you are looking to make multiple cakes for school or a party and time is a factor then the stand mixer is perfect for you.

Shop around before purchasing either style mixer. There are so many models and name brands that you want to get the most for your money. Some of the best brands of mixers are Kitchen Aid, Cusinart and Black and Decker. You may be able to get a great deal if you shop online, there are thousands of websites where you can purchase a hand held mixer or a stand mixture, the choice is yours.

Mixers make great gifts, perfect for house warming parties, Christmas or Bridal Shower gifts. There is not a kitchen in the world that does not have a hand held mixer or a stand mixer. That is how popular they are. No kitchen would be complete without a mixer.

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