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If most fathers would love to have their own office at home, mothers would also love to have a room of their own where they can do their work – and that is the kitchen. More often than not, mothers dream of having fabulous kitchens that they can consider as their workplace. A nice and clean kitchen will already fulfill this dream few decades ago. But of course, during that time, a big and functional stove will already do the trick.

Big stoves are still in the market today. However, because of the different innovations made by creative kitchen designers, there are now different kitchen products available that are not only functional but very stylish at the same time. One of which is the kitchen cooktop.

Kitchen cooktops are now considered as the trend in kitchen design. It can do the work of a typical stove without occupying so much space. This type of kitchen appliance is perfect no matter how small or how big is the space in your kitchen. Gone were the days that you have to allocate big space just for a stove. As a result, you have more room to move around the kitchen. Your family members and guests may also get involved with the kitchen chores since you have enough space to budge while you cook

There are some kitchen cooktops that can save space twice as much as ordinary kitchen cooktops. When you need to use this type of kitchen cooktop, just place it at the top of your kitchen’s countertop and use it just like a typical stove. And if you will not use the kitchen cooktop all you have to do is to fold the appliance flat. You can leave it as is and place some of the light utensils on top of it. Another option would be folding the kitchen cooktop and placing it vertically so that it would face the wall. In this way, it would leave more working space for you to chop, toss your salad, and do more cooking activities. This kind of kitchen cooktop is portable. But there are also some kitchen cooktop units that cannot be folded but must be installed in counter tops instead.

The first few models of kitchen cooktops have grills and knobs just like the normal kitchen stoves. The grills and the stoves are also detachable and even safe to use in dishwashers as well. What’s different about the kitchen cooktop is that you have the two options namely the steel and the ceramic. Cooktops that are made from ceramic can have that shiny appearance even without the use of any kind of polishing cream. On the other hand, the steel or coil cooktop can be washed with the use of scrubbing pads, soap, and water.

However, there are also kitchen cooktops that do not have grills or frames. Instead, it only has glass tops which would not burst no matter how hot the kitchen cooktop is. The cooking surface which is made of glass is available for both fixed and portable kitchen cooktops.

Because of the changes in the technology, there are now innovations made in these kitchen cooktops. By simply touching a simple button or just by sliding your finger, you can open the kitchen cooktop with ease. Aside from that, there are also portable and fixed kitchen cooktops that have chips or scanner. It will give you several cooking details, adjust the temperature, tell you about the cooking time, and even give you recipe suggestions at the same time.

The price would depend on the size and the style of the kitchen cooktop that you would like to purchase. It usually starts at $30 up to a whopping $2000. The more features you want in the kitchen cooktop, the more expensive it would be.

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