Kirby Vacuums

The Cleveland, Ohio based company Kirby is a major manufacturer of household accessories, vacuum cleaners being the specialty. The Kirby vacuum cleaner is one of the best in the world in its category. The company does not spend money over advertisements in order to keep the prices low, and sells their products via door services only. Kirby has been in existence since the 1920s and still carrying their operations to the present date. The Kirby vacuum cleaner was first invented by Jim Kirby. The company designed a classic version of the cleaner in 1970, which had an immediate impact in the market. From 1972 onwards, the company began its operation in Andrews, Texas – enabling them to double the manufacturing prowess.

Like all other electronic household appliances, the Kirby vacuum cleaners come in various sizes and shapes, with different operating powers. Although their price is a bit higher than other conventional vacuum cleaners, the product was a success due to its superior efficiency and functionality. Part of the success also belonged to the goodwill of the product where people found it to be more versatile, powerful and durable. Since 1930s, the physical appearances of the vacuum cleaners haven’t changed a great deal – making the Kirby vacuum cleaners instantly recognizable by the consumers. The recent version of vacuum cleaners comes with a Circular – Dry Foam shampoo and Micron Magic-HEPA Filtration system.

A unique attribute of the Kirby vacuum cleaners is that they are sold only by door to door services, which is quite a rare business model amongst its’ market rivals. Customers can request to display any product in their home and the nearest salesman will be ready to display the units to the requested addresses. Whether it’s a deal or no deal, this is the only time the sales-man will actually get to convince the potential customers. It’s a common routine that the demonstrator asks the customer to bring his old cleaner, and he cleans a certain area of the room. Then he uses his Kirby vacuum cleaner to clean the same area, proudly displaying the accumulation of more dirt. This is just one of the tools in the seller’s arsenal in their attempt to impress the prospects. If the customer is impressed, the salespersons would generally put forth a negotiable price, and upon positive responses – a live demonstration of the operations and instructions are unfolded.

Despite the good quality of the product, there have been numerous complaints about the aggressive approaches of the salesman. It is reported that the salespersons seldom push themselves harder over older people who cannot afford to buy such products or are unable to operate it. There are also reported disputes over the negotiation of the prices. People often find that they paid more money than their neighbors, and feel cheated. The Kirby management is aware of this problem, and they are trying to clear their grounds by disqualifying any agent who does that. Christie, who works in United Financial Consumer, stated that their sales techniques are much like mattress warehouses, where they take advantage of the weaknesses of a person. They usually target older people, young man and woman who can be easily persuaded.

Apart from that, the warranty Kirby offers is quite impressive. The warranty period is at least 3 years for any products, and might also have a life time warranty for certain parts.

Second hand Kirby products are readily available at eBay. The price range for newer models can vary from $200 to $1900. But, these products are not authorized by Kirby; as a result they do not provide any warranty. Some of these products are sold at wholesale prices by distributors who wrapped their business, while others are reconditioned ones.

So to conclude, we can say that Kirby has set itself a double standard. They offer consumers the top quality product and add convenience by their impressive door-to-door approach, saving precious time. However, if a potential customer lacks negotiation skills, they might be charged a few extra bucks.

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