Keyless Entry Remote

Keyless entry remote has made a revolution in the automobile space with its convenient and secure mode of operation. The keyless entry remote is the most convenient way to lock or unlock your car. You can always do this standing several feet away without having the need to fight with your car to lock or open it up.

The conventional system of using a key to physically open or the lock the car is on the wane with the astounding success of the keyless entry remote. You have dedicated buttons to lock and unlock you car and some have an emergency panic button to activate the alarm. The range of operation for these systems differs with price with some remote keyless entry systems can be operated from a couple of hundred feet. This means you can lock your car sitting in your office desk in the tenth floor. How is that for comfort?

The keyless entry remote was first introduced in automobiles by the then burgeoning American automobile giants including Ford and GM. This was soon picked up by their European and Japanese counterparts. Now a remote keyless entry system is a standard feature for any mid segment car. You can even get these systems fixed later if you car does not come with one. You should be able to get your car fixed with a remote keyless entry system for less than $150. That is money well spent for all the comfort that a keyless system brings along. You would have to spend more if you are looking for a more powerful system with a higher range.

The standard operating range of a remote keyless system used in cars varies between 30 – 50 feet. With this system you get a key fob attached to your key which doubles up as a key chain. A battery operated device the remote keyless entry system is normally powered by 2 batteries. Almost all of these systems have a built in alarm installed. This means the next time someone tries to fiddle with your car the alarm goes off triggering attention. With the press of the button, you can disarm the alarm as well unlock the vehicles door. This underlying security benefit is one of the critical reasons behind the success of a remote keyless entry system in the automotive industry.

During the late 80’s when the system was introduced in cars there was initial skepticism about the remote keyless entry system. People were scared as they thought anyone can unlock their car with a key fob. These fears were later allayed as people started using the system more. The initial skepticism was unfounded as each system has a personal preprogrammed code which cannot be duplicated. This means your car can only be unlocked by its key fob and vice versa. Some modern remote keyless entry systems use encryption techniques to prevent carjackers from spoofing the signal.

With the keyless system opening and locking your car has become child’s play and it is ideally suited for elderly people who need not struggle to yank their car doors open. The other extended feature of the Remote Keyless entry system is the keyless ignition system where you can start your car remotely. This feature for some reason does not have many takers unlike the keyless entry system which is a huge hit.

Remote Keyless entry for automobiles has been a hit world over and is widely used by all the car manufacturers. That said the problem of locking your car with the key inside has not been solved by the remote keyless entry system. You still need your key fob to unlock your car.

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