Keurig Coffee Maker

People who are into gourmet coffee will love every cup they drink that is made by a Keurig coffee maker. The Keurig coffee maker is a single cup coffee maker. There are actually four models to choose from for in home use. Each model features different brew sizes. These coffee makers are really becoming quite popular now. They are widely used in homes and offices or wherever you want to make freshly brewed coffee easily accessible to their staff. Since the coffee is brewed one cup at a time it will always be fresh. No on likes coffee that has been sitting for hours. All you have to do is push the brewing button on the coffee maker and a freshly brewed cup will be ready in less than one minute. There is no more waste of left over coffee from a full pot that was not used. There is no need to pour out the coffee and waste it anymore. Just this fact alone will save a lot of money being spent on coffee.

The least expensive Keurig coffee maker is the Elite B40. This is their entry level single cup coffee maker. It has two different brew sizes. You can either make a 7 ¼ oz cup of coffee or a 9 ¼ cup of coffee. You can leave the house without worrying that you turned off the coffee pot because this coffee maker will turn off by itself after two hours. The next model is the B60 Keurig Special Edition coffee maker. It has three different brew sizes and a 48 ounce water reservoir so it can make up to 8 single cups of coffee. It is black with chrome accents with a blue backlit LCD display. The water reservoir has a blue backlit too. It is very easy to see when the water level is getting low. To refill it you just detach the water reservoir and carry it to the sink. If you want, you can use a pitcher of water to fill it when it is in operation too.

The Keurig coffee maker that is the next level up is the B70 Platinum model. This one is more expensive than the other two. It costs around $165. It features four brew sizes and a 60 inch water reservoir and has the same features as the B60. The top of the line Keurig coffee maker model is called the Breville. It is complete with a stainless steel finish. This model also has 4 cup sizes, but the water reservoir is 64 ounces and it has a water filtration system. This particular model has a reusable coffee filter so if you want to grind your own coffee and use it you can. The other models use pre-measured coffee pods. You can get these pods in all kinds of coffee flavors, roasts and styles. When people grind their own they can make their own blend and decide how strong they want their coffee to be themselves.

Using a Keurig coffee maker is easy. You just insert the coffee pod, turn it on, select the cup size you want to brew and then press the brew button. The water will be pressure heated. It only takes 30 seconds to brew a cup of coffee using one of these Keurig coffee makers. To adjust the strength of the coffee you select a smaller cup size. For weaker coffee you should choose a larger cup size. The water temperature can be adjusted between 187 degrees – 192 degrees if you have the more Breville model. You have the option of choosing an automatic on and off time too. There is also a Keurig coffee maker model for offices and conference rooms. It is called the Keurig OfficePro Brewing System. It sells for around $250 and is built tough and strong enough to handle a large volume of freshly brewed coffee.

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