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In the not-too-distant past we were all able to drink fresh clean water from our faucets in our homes. No one had second thoughts about drinking tap water and we did not worry if it was contaminated or impure. Today, the sad news is that our drinking water is not 100% safe as it should be in most places. Water purifiers are now showing up in homes all across the country. People are looking for ways to drink fresh clean water that is not contaminated by pollutants. Every year thousands of people have been getting sick because they have been drinking contaminated water. To combat this problem many water purifier companies have sprung into being.

The Kent water purifier company has been on the leading edge of water purification since 1995. In fact, Kent was given the ‘Best Domestic Purifier’ award by UNESCO for the years of 2006 through 2008. They also won the ‘Golden Peacock’ and the ‘Water Digest International’ awards in 2007. Today, Kent has a strong presence in Delhi, Mubai, NCR and other cities in India.

Each Kent water purifier now uses Mineral RO technology that eliminates dissolved impurities in the water. This technology also preserves essential minerals that we all need. A Kent water purifier will purify the water from viruses and bacteria. You can still purchase another kind of Kent water purifier that uses the more traditional ultraviolet purification system. This is a multiple filtration system that uses sediment and nanotechnology filters to remove almost 100% of the bacteria in water.

The Kent water purifier is a quality product that has gained the reputation of being a quality and respected brand for water purification. The new technology that is being used in the new Kent water purifiers is simply amazing these days. It uses a hollow fiber type casing in which municipal water as purifying and cleaned. The Kent water purifier does not need to use electricity to operate. It has an impressive 8 liter water storage capacity. Every Kent water purifier is a worthwhile investment for the health of our family and will ensure that they stay healthy.

On February 20, 2009, a new Kent water purifier was revealed. It is called a Kent Grand Plus Water Purifier. It has the latest technology on it which is a computer chip that controls the mineral RO water purifier. A microprocessor controls the purification process. This Kent water purifier has enhanced features. For example, there is a water level indicator and a computer controlled filter change alarm. When it’s time to change the filter the alarm will sound. Who among us has not forgotten to change the filter in our water purification from time to time? This is a really nice feature to have on your water purifier. It also has an enhanced purification Micronic filter and a welded membrane to filter the water better.

When you purchase a Kent water purifier you will be getting a water purifying system that is one-of-a-kind and the only one that is using a computer controlled filter change alarm. It also has an alarm for UV failure. This is a wall-mounted water purifier that has a built-in water storage tank. It has one other added benefit. It will not take up any of your counter space in your kitchen. It is able to purify water at the rate of 15 liters per hour and has a water storage capacity of 8 liters, which essentially gives you purified water on demand. It also has an automatic auto-start and auto-off feature. If you are looking for a water purifying system then make sure you really check into buying any Kent water purifier. You can purchase a Kent water purifier online on various discount websites or find one at your local water purification supplies stores.

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  1. Ravi says:

    I bought Kent Ultra from Ideal Home Appliances, Trivandrum nine months before. Got some whistle sound from the machine recently, with in Warranty Period. The complaint (not from Sediment Filter/Carbon Filter) for the same was not even considered by the dealer nor the service center here in Trivandrum. I was penalized some Rs.500 from my pocket to fix this, simply bcoz I have chosen Kent Water Purifier. If this is also not taken care then I plan to sue against the dealer first.

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