Kenmore Washing Machine

Kenmore Appliances has been around for a very long time; it first surfaced in the late 1920’s. Since then, it’s become synonymous with common household appliances, like washing machines. When it comes to washing machines, there are a lot of options, and it can take quite a bit of work to separate from the crowd. Kenmore washing machines are known to be fairly upscale – not the best washing machines in the world, but good for people who want more than the bare minimums. They make a few different types of washing machines, which are their most popular products, along with their dryers.

Kenmore washing machines are mainly sold by Sears, a company that Kenmore Appliances has been affiliated with since 1927. Even today, Sears is one of only two companies (the other being Kmart) to sell any new Kenmore appliance. The brand name has been widely successful for more than 70 years, and it continues to be a big seller today. Kenmore washing machines are manufactured by Whirlpool Corporation, which is produces more home appliances than any other company in the world. While Whirlpool is a popular brand name in and of itself, it uses Kenmore washing machines to give an upscale alternative to its own brand, therefore allowing both brands to establish their own identity.

Kenmore sells three types of washing machines for personal consumers: front load washers, top load washers, and energy-saving washers. The first two are the most easily compared, with front load washers being better in almost every respect. They are gentler on clothes, can be stacked vertically with a front load dryer, and use almost two thirds less water. However, they are more expensive than top load washers. Over a number of years, some of this can be countered by its using less water, but it’s unlikely that this alone will make up for the additional price.

Kenmore’s high efficiency washing machines are also a great option for people who are in the market for a long-term option. Many people don’t realize that washing machines actually cast great deal to run – between the water and the electricity, a washing machine can actually use up a great deal of energy. All of Kenmore’s high efficiency washers are front-loaders, because they use so much less water. They also use about 2/3 less electricity, so they can cost less than $20 a year to run. That won’t present immediate savings, but if you plan on using the washer for a long time, it could be a difference maker. Also, in some places, it’s possible to get a rebate from utility companies for buying an energy saving washer and dryer.

Another important thing to consider when buying any washing machine is the warranty. Kenmore washing machines have a generally good record when it comes to lasting well, but like any washer, theirs can also break. Repairs on washing machines can be very expensive, and Sears’ repair professionals are no exception. With a good warranty, you can at least make sure that you washing machine won’t cost you money in repairs for a few years, which can be a huge money saver.

Kenmore’s top-load washers start at about $400 for their least expensive models. Their most expensive high efficiency washing machines can cost over $1,000. However, this price is something of a misnomer, as it does not include the cost of delivery and installation. Combined, those two factors cost more than $200. If you also have an old dryer, you might want to think about getting a new dryer at the same time, as this will give you a good value in delivery and installation. Also, there are some package deals which can make getting the set a better buy.

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