Kenmore Dishwasher

If you are thinking of buying a dishwasher while upgrading your kitchen, a Kenmore dishwasher is an excellent selection. Everyone knows all about how dishwashers can save you time when cleaning up the kitchen, but did you know that you can find the perfect Kenmore dishwasher at affordable prices. When upgrading kitchen appliances, people go for the quality appliance that they can afford. Kenmore is a top quality brand name in the kitchen appliance industry and they are very competitively priced. Owning a Kenmore dishwasher has many benefits and you can easily find one that will fit in with your budget.

Many homes have a premium quality Kenmore dishwasher in the kitchen already. Dishwashers have become an integrated part of our daily lives and not many modern women would want to live without one. Dishwashers are considered to be essential household appliances in most developed countries.

Kenmore uses top of the line technology in all of their dishwashers. Other brands in the same price range may not offer as many amenities as a one you can find in the Kenmore dishwasher line. These dishwashers are built with up to date, state-of-art technology and offer delayed settings, built in food disposals, various wash cycles, removable silverware baskets, noise reduction packages, etc. You can get a model that has a self-cleaning filter and water temperature sensors and many other amenities.

Kenmore dishwasher designs offer a full range of styles, colors and finishes to match virtually any kitchen décor. Kenmore sells basic dishwashers, drawer dishwashers, and other types. You can even find them with doors that match various kitchen cabinets to give them that built in look. Owning a top brand dishwasher like Kenmore enables you to have a super hygienic way to wash your dishes, safely and conveniently.

New double drawer and single drawer dishwasher style designs are becoming increasing popular these days. Naturally, Kenmore is up to date on this design. If you are looking for one of these state of the art double drawer dishwashers, check out the Kenmore Elite® 24″ Double Drawer Dishwasher, Model 13343. This uniquely innovative style dishwasher was recently featured on the popular Extreme Makeover television program. If you have never seen a drawer dishwasher, they are about the same size as a regular dishwasher. It has two drawers that open separately. What is really nice about this Kenmore dishwasher is that it allows you to wash a small load in one drawer or a large load by using both drawers. This is a fantastic design for people who live alone but like to entertain from time to time also. When you have company over, you just load up both drawers. The benefit is that you are washing small loads more often than larger loads so you can save on water and energy costs. This fantastic dishwasher has qualified for the Energy Star® rating.

If you would rather have a single drawer dishwasher, the new Kenmore Elite™ drawer dishwasher, Model# 13323 is a single drawer dishwasher that is compact in size and fits virtually anywhere. This is an Energy Star® qualified appliance also with several options available. Both of these dishwashers will use up to 20% less energy dishwasher that do not qualify for the rating. The Sani Rinse™ option that Kenmore uses is available for these dishwashers too. This means the high-temperature rinse cycle is NSF® certified and is able to eliminate 99.999% of certain bacteria.

There are several other styles of dishwashers made by Kenmore. You can go into your local Sears store to check them all out. You can also find them available on many websites online.

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