Kebab Grill

Shish kebabs are a very popular dish enjoyed by many throughout the world. Making kebabs depends on many factors, one of which is the specific kebab grill that you choose. A new product called the BEEM Kebab Grill is specifically designed to be both portable and convenient. This device can sit on your desk, your kitchen table or a countertop and is perfect for making single-serving kebabs.

Typically, making kebabs would involve placing chicken, beef, lamb, shrimp or any other meat choice on a metal or wooden skewer and alternating with chosen fruits and/or vegetables. These skewered foods are then placed on a grill and cooked until the meat is done. Many choose to marinade their kebabs prior to cooking for up to eight hours to seal in specific flavorings. Vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and onions are the most popularly chosen to go on kebabs. The kebabs are then placed on a grill about three inches apart and cooked. Turning is done with a spatula or more preferably, a set of tongs. Basting is done while grilling with marinade.

Many accessories have been developed to help with the grilling of kebabs. Today you can purchase a set or kit that includes metal or wooden skewers as well as a rack that will hold anywhere from six to more than ten kebabs at once while grilling. These are for use with either gas or charcoal grills and make it much easier to grill the kebabs without the food pieces falling off. Turning is also much easier as the entire rack turns to keep you from having to turn each kebab individually.

Choosing a kebab grill will depend on your own preferences. You can grill kebabs with either gas or charcoal so what you choose will depend on whether you prefer charcoal or gas grills. When choosing a new grill, always ensure that you purchase from a reputable manufacturer. There are advantages and disadvantages to charcoal and gas grills. Determining which one you need will depend on what features you want as well as several other factors. You need to first determine what you can afford to spend. Charcoal grills are typically much less expensive than those that are powered with gas.

You will also need to determine how much cooking space you will need. For grilling kebabs, you should strive to get at least a 100 square inch cooking space. This gives you the space to cook several kebabs at once. When you begin looking at grills, there will be a sticker on each one that tells you the actual cooking surface. Keep in mind that many grills, particularly gas grills, include a warming area that will not actually cook your kebabs, only keep them warm. Pay attention to the actual cooking area when choosing.

If you are choosing a kebab grill that will be stationary, then wheels are not important. If however, you will need to move the grill before and after use, choose one that has wheels for easier moving. Keep in mind that charcoal grills take much longer to heat up and do not heat evenly as well as gas grills. For kebabs, you may want a grill that heats evenly to ensure that all food pieces are cooked thoroughly. If you do choose a charcoal grill, find one that has a lid either attached or included. This makes your cooking much easier as you can place the lid on and ensure that the vegetables on your kebabs are cooked correctly and do not dry out.

If you are only planning to cook a few kebabs at a time, the desk model or a small charcoal grill would be an excellent choice. If however, you are planning to cook several kebabs at once, you may need a larger model.

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