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So, you’re spending too much at the bar on karaoke night or perhaps they’ve kicked you out for your sub-par vocal stylings. Why not take the act home with you and purchase your own karaoke set? Not only are these great for group gatherings, they can be brought to parties, weddings, business meetings and other special occasions as entertainment an dice breakers. Karaoke, which derived from Japan and is Japanese for “without orchestra” has had a resurgence in the United States in recent years.

A big consideration is the music you will use once you bring home the karaoke machine. Karaoke CDs, for example, are covers for the original songs for copyright reasons. They make them as similar as possible, and most will have backup singers, mainly during the chorus. These background vocals are not removable. So what makes karaoke CDs special, you ask? They are actually CD-Gs, the G meaning graphic output. The graphic output are the lyrics that will show up on the TV screen and give you your cues. Karaoke sets can either be stand alone karaoke or component sets, where you’re really just plugging a microphone into your stereo device and inserting a CD-W into your DVD player.

Not so fast, Elvis. Read on to learn about the best karaoke systems out there.

The RJ Tech RJ-4200 offers easy to access buttons, great sound, a remote control and two microphones. It even comes with a DVD player, but don’t expect it to be the best quality out there. it’s not like you’ll be able to watch Titanic out on it. This device’s main purpose, after all, is to be a karaoke machine.

The Singing Machine 5.5 comes with lyrics, audio/video hookup and all kinds of tuner settings to really tap into an ideal sound. A professional microphone also is included. This is a good device to purchase for the family, but it is not probably the best one out there for professionals or aspiring professionals.

The NUMARK CDN25+G is a professional quality device that can connect to a variety of devices and formats. Includes pitch/search wheel, and this is a great device for DJs and karaoke hosts. Another good device for professionals is the TOSHIBA SD-680KA, a strong device with all the trimmings, including DivX capability. They can even read Super CDs and can hold a ridiculous amount of songs in its library.

Some things to consider before purchasing a karaoke player:

Make sure you find out whether the karaoke machine can change keys, and whether or not you need this technology. It is also important to know what other kind of media formats the machine can play and whether the machine alters the music’s tempo.How is the sound quality? If you are a serious karaoke connoisseur, it is recommended you test these devices out before bringing one home.

Does the player display lyrics? If so, if the display clear enough to read Will you need special karaoke CDs or can you use my own music? Is this for your children? Is it easy enough for them to use? Not all karaoke machines are created equal, and the more you explore what you require of your machine, the better off you will be when it comes to selecting a device. You also will find that many of the home theater devices out there now include a karaoke function, so all you may need are karaoke CD-Gs and microphones. Find this out before you start shopping for a karaoke player. In addition, explore how to record the karaoke in case you would like to make memorable recordings.

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