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Small kitchen appliances make wonderful time-saving tools for any woman or man who loves to cook in today’s well equipped kitchen. One small appliance that is more than a frivolous wish for any good cook is a Kalorik blender. Blenders are not just for making smoothies. You can crush, blend, mix and puree all your favorite drinks and cold soups into mouth-watering creations with a Kalorik blender. Of course, you could use a food processor to do all of these jobs as well, but using a blender instead is much easier.

The Kalorik Company began making blenders in the late 1930s in Belgium. Ever since then it has become a well known leader in making superior small electrical appliance products. The company now has offices in the UK, Germany and Switzerland. They are well recognized for their meticulous attention to small details and making excellent products.

Kalorik blenders come in at least 10 different models. Their most popular model, the Kalorik BL-16911, is made out of stainless steel. It has a powerful 500-watt motor with six stainless steel blades, 2 of which are serrated. The large 50 oz. glass jar has enough room to easily make milk shakes and crush ice with not spillovers. Food that is prepared in one of these blenders will not be tainted by other flavors. Other types of blenders that are made with plastic jars or bowls can infuse small amounts of the flavor or odor from whatever food you used the blender for previously. You will never have to worry about that with a Kalorik blender. A glass jar is much stronger than cheaper plastic jars also. Each blender that you buy from Kalorik also has rubber feet to give added stability to the blender when in use. This model is a 2-speed blender with a pulse function. A lot of cooks realize that 2 speeds are really all you need in a blender. The ones that offer up to 15 speeds are not any better. Various Kalorik blenders are designed to easily fit in your cupboard when not in use. However, the design is attractive enough on most that you can leave them out on the counter if you want too.

Not only can you blend, puree and mix with a Kalorik blender, you can also chop fruit and vegetables, grate cheese and find other uses for it. These strong and versatile blenders can crush nuts as well as ice too.

If you are looking for a professional grade blender, look at Kalorik model 1609. Cooks Illustrated Magazine rated this model as the “Best Buy” in their March/April 2009 magazine edition. It also has all the same features as the 16911 model.

If you like chrome, you can get the Kalorik BL-17949. This is a countertop blender with glass jar in a chrome base. The jar is a slightly larger, 60 oz. glass jar and the blender has 5 speeds. Like all other blenders made by Kalorik, it has a 1 year limited warranty also.

Another professional grade blender is the Kalorik BL 24242 Aztec. This is a 50 oz countertop blender that comes in a copper finish. This particular model is very attractive and looks great sitting out on the counter. One really nice feature is that it has a fully adjustable control knob for easier speed control. It is slightly more expensive than the other models mentioned.

The Kalorik blender that fantastic for mixing up baby food or making mashed potatoes or sauces, is the Kalorik MS-18676T. This small hand blender is named the “Sunny Morning Hand Blender / Mixer.” This is a great little blender for quick jobs where there is no need for large volumes of blending capacity. It comes with a small mixing cup and is dishwasher safe. You can find more information on Kalorik blenders by visiting the various websites online that sell small kitchen appliances.

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