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Juice dispensers are now a common sight. Most people have seen them in coffee shops, restaurants and even fast food shops. Their use is increasing rapidly in fast food shops where there is a high demand for fast and easy service. The great service provided by the juice dispensers has made many people want to have their own juice dispensers – which they can use right in their homes. And when market innovators discovered this hidden need of the people, they quickly came up with the idea of juice dispensers that can be used at home. It took some time for the idea to become a reality, and the ultimate results were juice dispensers that can be easily used at home.

However, even though it was the need for home juice dispensers that ultimately led to their development, the sales of such juice dispensers have been low. That may be because people seldom need to use juice dispensers. It is only during summer that most people want to drink juice at home. And even in summer, these people do not use the juice dispensers every day. The situation is much worse during other seasons, especially in winter, when there is little, if no, need for using juice dispensers. Thus, it is not hard to believe that an average family will use their juice dispenser only 25 to 30 times per year!

Given such conditions, it may seem like that home juice dispensers are not as attractive to customers as they have initially seemed. However, people still do need these juice dispensers once or twice every year – for special occasions, such as parties. Since these occasions only occur rarely, it is better if people rent juice dispensers for these occasions instead of buying them. In this way, they will make sure that they fulfill the need for juice dispensers with the least possible cost.

In addition, when planning to either rent or buy juice dispensers, people must be completely sure of the needs that their juice dispensers will serve. Usually, this depends on the occasion itself. For instance, people who want to organize a party for their child’s birthday need to have juice dispensers which are strong and big. This makes sure that the guests, especially children, can use the dispensers without letting them fall. In this sense, sturdy dispensers seem to be safer for the children. In addition, the juice dispensers must be easy to use so that parents do not continually need to help their children in pouring the juice. On the other hand, people who are planning to hold outdoor events, such as games, camping trips and plays, may want different features in their juice dispensers. In this case, people may want their juice dispensers to be low in weight so that they can be easily carried from one place to another. However, this does not mean that sturdy dispensers are not portable. There are now a lot of juice dispensers in the market that are both sturdy and portable. This means that these juice dispensers can be used for almost all types of occasions.

Juice dispensers are now available in a variety of styles and designs. So, customers can choose not only the dispensers that work best but also that look best. Basically, there are two broad classifications of juice dispensers: pre-mix juice dispensers and post-mix juice dispensers.

As the name suggests, pre mix juice dispensers do not require the user to mix the juice contents and thus provide ready to drink juices. They can further broken down into two types: insulated beverage containers and bubblers. Insulated beverage contains are cheap and also do not use power; however, the juices put inside them will stay cold for hours. On the other hands, bubblers are kept inside refrigerators. They contain spray pumps whose circulations keep the juice cold.

In case of post mix juice dispensers, water and juice concentrate are mixed vigorously in a chamber. The chamber is next to the valve through which the juice is dispensed. Post mix juice dispensers are basically of two kinds: remote bag-in-box dispensers and traditional post-mix dispensers. The main difference between the two is the size of the cartridges and hence the amount of juice concentrates that can be stored. Remote bag-in-box dispensers are capable of storing three to five gallons of juice concentrates because of their larger sized cartridges. They also have at least four valves to allow fast dispensing. On the other hand, traditional post mix dispensers can story only one gallon of juice concentrate because of their small sized cartridges. Since the amount of juice concentrates is relatively small, these juice dispenser usually have only two valves.

Apart from valves, the juice dispensers also contain pumps, controls and options. The pumps and controls help the user in pouring and mixing the juice concentrates. On the other hand, the options, which consist of cabinets that can be easily locked, are used to stop other people making changes to the juice concentrate.

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