Jar Opener

In order to preserve the flavor of a food, many companies use glass jars in packing their product. One of the main advantages of using glass jars in keeping the food is that it has a lesser chance of getting rust and other factors that may spoil the food. Aside from that, glass jars can be also recycled by the consumers. Rather than throwing the container immediately, like you would probably do with tin cans, glass jars can be washed, stored, and recycled. You can still use it as a container if you want to create homemade jams, baby foods, left over, and alike. Aside from that, you can also use it for making small projects like pen holders so you could teach your child how to be resourceful and creative. But in case you do not wish to keep these glass jars, you could still make money out of it by selling it to those who buying used jars for recycling purposes.

But there are also some disadvantages in this type of food packaging. It can be easily broken so it must always be handled with extra care. Moreover, thick jars can be quite heavy. It would be sometimes hard to carry a few thick jars especially if you do not have enough strength to do so. But one of the most common rants among consumers is that jars are usually hard to open. Not everyone has the grip and the force like Superman. More often than not, you must fight with the lid or must struggle in opening the jar before you can get a taste of what is inside.

You actually have several options so that you can easily open the annoying tight lid of the jar. First option is to whack the jar in a solid material like your floor or wall. Next is to open it with spoon, which may sometimes cause finger injuries when not executed properly. Or you may just purchase and use a jar opener instead.

Jar openers can be small or big kitchen tool that would allow you to open jars with an ease. With this you can effortlessly open the lid no matter what size it has. There is a wide array of jar opening products to choose from. Choose among the hundreds of online products or simply visit the store selling kitchen equipments, appliances, and cookware near you.

And since there are different kinds of jar openers, the price of each product also varies. Manual jar openers are cheaper compared to those models that are run by electricity. More often than not, jar openers like these are already included when you buy a can opener. However, there are also products that are only meant for opening jars. Some can be stored easily along with your other kitchen utensils while others can be easily installed anywhere in your kitchen. Today, there are now jar openers that would only require you to look for an area in your kitchen or even in your office and place just stick it using an adhesive tape. Manual jar openers usually cost around $10 to $15 only.

On the other hand, if you are really too lazy to open a jar, then the electric jar opener is the perfect product for you. By touching a button or two, you can immediately open the jar no matter how big or how small it is. Usually, these electric jar openers can be adjusted since jars vary in size and shape. But it can be quite bulky so you have to allocate a space in your countertop for this kind of jar opener. The cost of such product usually ranges from $20 to $30 depending on the size and the make of the jar opener.

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