iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is a personal music player and handheld computer. Unlike other iPods, it does not have the famous click wheel on the front. Instead, it has a large touch-sensitive screen that allows users to operate it with finger movements. The iPod Touch is also called the iTouch for short, and is often confused with the iPhone because both devices look the same. The recently launched third generation adds more capacity and a few new features, such as voice control. Media and applications can be purchased and downloaded to an iPod Touch from Apple’s online stores.

Apple is an American corporation that is famous for making innovative products for the consumer electronics market. Soon after it was founded in 1976, Apple launched the first of what would become a long line of Macintosh computers. The Macintosh is widely regarded as the most iconic computer ever made. In recent years, Apple have moved beyond computers into others areas. Their famous iPod range has long been the most popular brand of personal music player, and their iPhone quickly become one of the most popular mobile phones sold today.

The first generation (1G) of the iPod Touch was launched in 2007, and there have been two further generations since then. The first generation is no longer available in retail stores, but it can still be found on auction websites. The main feature of the iPod Touch is its large 3.5 inch color screen. The screen is sensitive to finger touches and can even detect more than one finger. This allows pictures to be rotated and zoomed by simply moving two fingers across the screen, which is more intuitive than using a stylus or buttons.

The second generation (2G) of the iPod Touch was launched in 2008, with a larger battery and support for Bluetooth headphones. The third generation (3G), launched in 2009, is the latest model. It is only available in 32GB and 64GB capacities, but the second generation 8GB model will still be available for some time. The added capacity allows up to 14,000 songs or 80 hours of video to be stored, and the battery provides about thirty hours of audio or six hours of video playback. It comes with new headphones that have a remote microphone, which is helpful since the new models can now be operated by voice commands.

The iPod Touch and the iPhone share much in common. On the outside, they look almost identical because they have the same size and screen. They even use the same operating system, which means that the user interfaces look the same. It can be difficult telling the devices apart, but one telltale sign is the speaker and microphone holes on the iPhone. The iPod Touch has buttons on the side to control the volume, as well as a button that takes the user back to the home screen. A docking port and headphone jack are located on the bottom edge, and there is a sleep button on the top edge.

Content is always important for a media player like the iPod Touch. Apple run two online stores that are very popular with iPod and iPhone users. The Apple iTunes website offers a huge range of music, videos, and other media that can be purchased and downloaded directly to a device. The prices of many of these items are often less than those in retail stores, and there are some that cost nothing at all. The Apple AppStore website offers games and applications which add extra features to a device. The Kindle eBook reader and the Skype internet phone are two very popular applications.

Every iPod Touch comes with a dock adapter, USB cable, manual, and a set of headphones. There is even a polishing cloth included in the box for wiping dust and fingerprints off the screen. A large range of accessories are available which provide added functionality and convenience. Arm bands are popular for using an iPod Touch while jogging or working out at the gym. Mains power adapters are great for keeping the battery charged when there is no computer available. Stereo speaker mounts are great for listening to music without the headphones, and they even charge the battery at the same time.

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