iPod Shuffle Charger

The iPod Shuffle is the budget line of Apple’s famous family of personal music players. It is normally charged by connecting it to a computer but it can also be charged from a wall socket with an iPod Shuffle charger. A charger is one of those bland gadgets that gets overlooked until it is desperately needed. They are cheap to buy and simple to use, and they are small and light enough to be carried around in a pocket. The short battery life of the Shuffle compared to other iPods means that it is even more important to have a charger available at all times.

When Apple launched the first Shuffle at the start of 2005, it was different to all the other iPods that preceded it. The famous control wheel was still there but the menu screen was gone, and it used Flash memory instead of a hard drive. The second generation was half the size but could hold double the number of songs. The current generation is slightly smaller and has double the capacity again, with space for up to one thousand songs. The control wheel has been removed but there are now buttons on the headphone cable. The battery lasts for about twelve hours when fully charged, making the iPod Shuffle charger an essential accessory.

The lack of a screen on the Shuffle makes it difficult to tell how much charge is left in the battery. The main indicator is the battery status light on the side control panel. The light changes from green to orange when the charge is low and then changes to red when the battery is almost flat. The third generation also plays an audible warning through the headphones. Charging a flat battery with an iPod Shuffle charger takes around four hours to reach a full charge but the light will usually change to green after only two hours.

A Shuffle is normally charged by plugging it into a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port. The first generation was charged directly through a USB plug hidden under a cap. The plug was removed from later generations which are charged through the headphone jack instead. A special dock is included that has a headphone plug and a USB cable. Several USB ports can be found on most desktop computers and laptops, and an iPod Shuffle charger can be used when a computer is not available.

The iPod Shuffle charger is a small transformer with a plastic case and a USB plug on the front. Sometimes, it is necessary or simply more convenient to charge a Shuffle from a wall socket instead of a computer. The transformer converts the mains voltage into the low voltage used by the Shuffle. Chargers are lightweight and compact and can be taken almost anywhere. They can be purchased from Apple stores and authorized resellers, and they are cheap enough to have one in the home and the workplace, avoiding the need to carry one around.

An iPod Shuffle charger is a great accessory to have when there are no computers available. Charging is normally a simple process but there are a few problems that can occur. The dock has a small recess that the Shuffle needs to be pushed into for charging and file transfer to take place. If it is not pushed in all the way and just sits on the surface, the headphone jack will not have proper contact with the plug and there will be no charging. Another problem is that a small minority of USB ports are not powered and cannot be used for charging.

Two other useful accessories are the headphone plug adapter and the solar iPod Shuffle charger. The headphone plug adapter is a tiny gadget that is just a headphone plug wired to a USB plug. It allows the Shuffle to be plugged into a USB port without using the standard dock. However, it does not have a transformer and cannot be used to charge a Shuffle without a computer. The solar charger has solar panels connected to a USB plug and is especially useful when there are no wall sockets available.

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