iPod Boombox

An iPod Boombox allows you to take your music with you anywhere you want to go and still enjoy quality sound coming from larger speakers than the earphones that are normally used with Mp3 players. For those who enjoy listening to their music without the use of earphones, a boombox will allow you to enjoy your music at full blast. Many use the boom boxes in bedrooms and various other rooms as well as for parties when they want to enjoy the music on their iPods and share it with others.

The DLO iBoom is the first boombox that was created to be compatible with the iPod. The boombox features a 15 watt four speaker system that also includes an FM radio built in. It has a handle for comfortable carrying along with an auxiliary input jack and works with the iPod Nano as well as various other iPod models. When plugged into AC power, the iPod boombox will charge the iPod battery as well. The DLO was specifically designed to be compatible with the iPod and the iPod Mini. You simply have to plug your iPod into the device which has a convenient loading dock. Once the iPod is secure you simply hit the play button on the boombox and your music will begin playing through the speakers. The boombox gives you the ability to turn your iPod into a full entertainment system and play all of your music for others to enjoy.

You can purchase the iPod boombox at a number of different online and offline retailers. Check with your local electronics stores or other retailers that typically offer official Apple products. Many online retailers also offer iPod boom boxes as well but you should be certain to check for authenticity and seller reputation when you purchase from an unknown online retailer. The boombox can be purchased for around $150 or less depending on where you purchase it. The boombox typically comes complete with the boom box itself, an iPod dock adapter, remote control and a power cable. Keep in mind that if you are not using the AC adapter then batteries are required and boom boxes in general typically take around ten batteries, normally C size or larger. The iPod is not included in the price of the boombox but can be purchased at a number of different retailers both online and offline.

While most consumers prefer the smaller size of an Mp3 player to the larger almost immobile size of a boombox, the iPod boombox allows you to enjoy the convenience of a handheld iPod when on the go and the stability of a stereo system when you are at home. This gives you the best of both worlds. Instead of needing a separate stereo system you can simply play your music straight from your iPod and since the boombox has a built in FM radio frequency, you can keep up with local weather and news. It replaces the traditional stereo in more ways than one. Remember that you will still need to purchase music for the iPod if you do not already have a playlist.

The boombox, depending on the specific model that you purchase may also include an AV output on the back of the device so that you can plug it into your television or computer monitor and watch your videos straight from your iPod. This is an added bonus if you have movies and other video feeds stored on your iPod. Inputs in the front of the boombox can be used for various USB flash drives and SD/MMC cards to playback more music than what your iPod can hold on its own. Most iPod boom boxes can support all generations of iPods as well as iPhones. You simply control the music that you play with the buttons found on the front of the device.

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