iPod Battery Charger

It’s hard to imagine life before the portable media player. And by portable media player, most people mean iPod. These handy music and video playing devices are so ubiquitous that their name has become a literal substitute for portable media player. You can bet that no matter what brand of portable media player a person owns, they or someone they know has tripped up and called it an iPod. IPods are all over the place, and they are popular for good reason. They allow people to take their tunes with them on the go. Now days, it is unusual not to see someone with ear buds sticking out of their ears, bopping along to music that no one else can hear. Now, iPods are made possible of course, by something that isn’t quite so glamorous. If we didn’t have this small device, then our iPods wouldn’t be worth much. What am I talking about? The iPod battery charger.

We’ve had iPods in our lives since October 23, 2001 and so it stands to reason that we have had iPod battery chargers in our life since that time, too. There have been several type of iPods, all of which have used batteries that require iPod battery chargers. IPod types include:

The iPod Classic – This original iPod debuted in 2001. It was hard drive based and has 120 gigabytes of storage available. That amount of storage translates to the capacity to hold over 30,000 songs, 150 hours of video, or 25,000 photos. Apple, the makers of the iPod, bill the iPod classic as a portable media player you can take anywhere. For music listening, the iPod classic has what is called a “genius” feature. So, for people who are listening to their music and suddenly have to urge to hear more songs like the one they just heard, they can, and with just the push of a button. It can use a lithium ion or lithium ion iPod battery.

The iPod Touch – The iPod touch was the first of Apple’s iPods to be powered by touch screen technology. It serves as a portable media player, portable digital assistant, and Wi-Fi mobile platform. Launched in 2007, the iPod Touch comes with either 8, 16 or 32 gigabytes of memory. It even comes with access to the iTunes music library through its wireless internet platform and comes standard with Apple’s Safari browser. It is powered by a lithium ion iPod battery.

iPod Shuffle – The iPod Shuffle is the budget model from Apple’s line of iPod portable media players. It was introduced in 2005 along with its tagline, “life is random.” The tagline referred to the fact that the iPod shuffle shuffled a user’s playlist, meaning they never knew what might come next. It was the first iPod to use flash memory instead of storing data on a hard disk.

iPod Nano – The iPod nano is the midrange iPod in Apple’s line of iPod portable media players. It’s first generation was introduced in 2005. Like the iPod Shuffle, it uses flash memory, but also has a 2 inch display and a click wheel. IPod Nanos even come preprogrammed with some games, such as Brick, Music Quiz, Parachute, Maze, Vortex and Solitaire. The iPod Nano is also powered by a lithium ion battery.

There have been some criticisms of iPod batteries and iPod battery chargers. Luckily for iPod users though, most iPods are powered by lithium ion batteries, which actually do better the more they are used and charged with an iPod battery charger. Also, for those who have more than one iPod are in luck. There are universal iPod battery chargers on the market so that they do not have to keep up with a large number of iPod battery chargers.

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