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If you’re a proud owner of a cool new iPhone, then congratulations! The iPhone is definitely what everyone wants to have but few can afford. Ever since Apple came out with the news about iPhone’s release, it has been much awaited and anticipated product. The release of both the iPhone and iPhone 3G were preceded by wide speculation and rumors among customers and industry alike. The iPhone works as a camera, multimedia media player, internet client, GPS (3G) and was rightly named ‘Invention of the Year’ by Time magazine in 2007. It is obvious that those who own it will want the best accessories for their iPhone, starting with speakers.

Since the iPhone works so well as a media player – as good as an iPod, speakers become the first accessories one might want to add. There will be various types available, but the iPhone’s sound quality requires that you get the best ones, built specifically for the iPhone. Happily, the choice is quite huge:

iPhone V-Moda Remix Headphones:
Not only do these look stunning, but are extremely good at what they do. Reviewers are of the opinion that these are by far the best speakers for your iPhone. They are the perfect match considering style, looks and quality. Firstly, they’re one of the most comfortable earphones you could find. They fit snuggly into your ear and can take activities quite well – so you’re not worried they’ll fall off when you’re jogging. Secondly they have amazing sound clarity and a very steady and smooth pick up on the bass that accompanies every track you’ll play. The clarity also gets you in on some of the parts you might have missed out or weren’t able to appreciate well otherwise. And finally, do they look like a million dollars (but cost only $39)! V-Moda headphones have a metallic finish that’s simply eye-catching in chrome, pink and blue. The metallic surface is not just pretty — it even keeps your phone safe from scratches.

These little earphones come in second best. They are about the tiniest and yet the loudest speakers you could find for your iPhone. The reason in part could be the sound isolation aspect of the speaker developed by Griffith Technologies that doesn’t let the sound escape from the speakers outside your ears, and neither does it let the external noise come in. This aspect is only improved by the cushioned ear buds on the interior that sit very comfortably in your ear. However, not all ears are the same, and TuneBuds appreciates this quite well. Therefore you get ear interchangeable buds of three different sizes. And to add something extra, the TuneBuds come in every color of the iPod.

Bose Headset:
If we’re discussing speakers, Bose cannot be far behind, so when discussing speakers for your iPhone, Bose needs a special mention. When it comes to audio technology, Bose is right at the top. Every speaker by Bose is worth its weight in gold, and you’re sure of having the best. Bose Mobile On-Ear headset is just the perfect accompaniment for listening to music on your iPhone. It also comes with an in-line microphone that can help you take calls. However, the best part is that Bose supplies you with four adapters so you can use your headset with any other device.

Logic3 iPhone speakers:
These are probably your best bargain considering what they provide for a price of $58. Logic3 actually turns your iPhone into a television viewing experience with great surround sound quality. All you have to do is slot your phone horizontally between the two speakers and you can now enjoy movies, music, videos and lots more. It’s a simple idea but is absolutely ingenious. The sound quality is pretty good, and you needn’t worry about the irritating that speakers tend to make when the phone receives a call or messages – they’ve figured out a way around that as well. It can be powered by a DV plug or 4 AAA batteries.

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