iPhone Earbuds

After purchasing an iPhone you may not want to continue using the standard earbuds that are included with the product. You may also have misplaced or damaged the earbuds that came with your purchase and need replacement earbuds. In either case, it would be suggested that you take a look at various earbuds that could be used with your iPhone.

Apple Earbuds
You know the earbuds that are included when you purchase a new iPod? Many people appreciate the quality of those earbuds and if you are one of those people then you may want to use them with your iPhone. There may be some features that lack with these earbuds but they are still pretty decent for the cost (roughly $30).

You may be worried that the Apple earbuds are not compatible with the iPhone. Well, they are. This is due to the fact that the iPhone was created as a video iPod unit with extensive features. This means that many of the accessories for the iPod are compatible with the iPhone. This includes the headphones and earbuds that are used with these units.

Purchase an Adapter
Some headphones and earbuds are not compatible with the iPhone. If you already own a set of these and want to use them with your iPhone then you may be able to do so if you purchase an adapter. These adapters will give you the ability to listen to music with the earbuds and use them for phone calls as well. The specific features of the adapter will vary by model and the price of them typically ranges from $4 to $40.

Is It Necessary to Upgrade Your iPhone Earbuds?
Some individuals are not satisfied with the quality of the earbuds included with the iPhone but others are. If you are disappointed with the quality then you may want to consider purchasing a new set of earbuds to use with your iPhone. Make sure that you find a model that is compatible or that can be used with an adapter so there are no complications.

By spending a little extra on a new set of earbuds for your iPhone you will be able to enhance your listening experience tremendously. Take a look below at two examples of models of earbuds that could be used with your iPhone to improve the overall sound experience:

Altec Lansing In-Ear Noise Cancellation Earphones
These retail for around $35-40 and provide an upgrade in sound quality when compared to the standard iPhone earbuds and many earphones in this retail price range. If you purchase these earphones then you will be able to choose between numerous ear bud sizes to find one that fits perfectly for you.

Philips Earhooks
These retail for around $40-50. The Philips earhooks are designed to be very effective when used with the iPhone. They consist of rubber hooks that shape with the ear to provide a comfortable and dependable fit. The Philips earhooks also come with a remote with three different control buttons that allows you to be able to make phone calls, control the microphone, and use voice features with your iPhone.

If you have an iPhone then you will probably want to get the best sound quality possible with it. You cannot easily achieve this with the standard earphones that are included with your purchase. You may have to spend $30 to $60 to get a decent set of earbuds for your iPhone. On top of this investment, if you choose an incompatible set of earbuds, it could cost you an extra $4 to $40 to purchase an adapter to make them compatible.

Ultimately, it may cost you a bit extra to get a better sound experience but it will be worth it in the end as long as you put some effort into your decision.

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