iPhone Car Kit

The Apple iPhone is a mobile phone, music player, and portable computer that is small enough to be taken anywhere. It can even be used in the car, provided that it has the right iPhone car kit to support it. A car kit is an accessory item that is purchased separately to the phone and is installed by the user. The kits are often called by other names too, such as mounts and pedestals. The most basic type of kit is a simple plastic holder that is fixed to the windshield or dashboard, but there are also other kits that charge the iPhone and connect it with the car speaker system. They are easy to install and most are compatible with iPods and other MP3 players.

The iPhone is a mobile smartphone made by Apple, the company responsible for the iPod music player and the Macintosh personal computer. Since the original model appeared in late 2007, the iPhone has become so popular that Apple has sold over twenty million of them. Similar in appearance to the iPod Touch, it is dominated by a large LCD screen that is sensitive to finger touches. Unlike most mobile phones, it has no physical keypad for dialing, so user have to press numbers on a virtual keypad shown on the screen. The latest model has a video camera, voice control, and supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The software suite has many useful applications, including a Safari web browser. Apple runs two online stores, called iTunes and AppStore, where users can purchase and download music, videos, games, and applications.

The most basic and affordable iPhone car kit is a simple plastic holder. One type is designed to be attached to the windshield and has a suction cup on the end, while the other type is designed to be attached to the dashboard and has a clamp that fits into an air vent. The better kits also have a quick release button that makes it easier to get the iPhone in and out of the holder. More advanced kits are available that charge the iPhone while it is sitting in the holder. There are even kits with an FM transmitter that can play music through the car stereo. Some of these kits also come with a tiny remote control that fits on the steering wheel and can be operated with one finger.

An iPhone car kit might look like a cheap and unnecessary gadget at first, but there are some very good reasons to use one. With the help of the Google Maps website, an iPhone can be used as a substitute for a satellite navigation device, or sat-nav as they are called. There are also third-party applications that show maps without needing to use the internet, which can be expensive if high download charges are applied. The latest 3GS model of the iPhone has GPS and a digital compass that provides the location of the phone and its direction. Even the original iPhone model can work out its location with the help of cell towers, provided that its software has been upgraded.

Another good reason to buy an iPhone car kit is that it allows the songs to be played through the car speaker system. This is not only a more comfortable way to listen to music while driving, it is also safer because it does not block out other sounds from the driver, like sirens and horns. This type of kit has an FM transmitter that plugs into the base of the iPhone when it is placed in the holder. It transmits the music over a frequency that can be picked up by the car radio, just like a regular station. Some kits also include a small remote control that attaches to the steering wheel, allowing the driver to change songs without taking their hands off the wheel.

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