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With close to ten million units sold throughout the world, it’s clear that Apple’s iPad is no slouch for technology fans. The innovative device – equal parts computer and mobile tablet – has gained some high-profile supporters in the technology world, consistently besting its competitors and gaining an incredible amount of praise from both home users, business iPad fans, and technology writers alike.

But like Apple’s immensely popular iPhone before it, the iPad didn’t do this alone. Supported by an incredibly large range of third-party accessories and official Apple add-ons, the iPad could possibly be the world’s most accessory-backed device ever. From cases to powerful headphone control kits, there are thousands of iPad accessories on the market, many of which deliver incredible value.

There’s just one question on the mind of consumers, however. Which of these iPad accessories are worth purchasing, and which just aren’t worth it? We’ve taken a look at today’s hottest selling iPad accessories, and walked away with an understanding that’s second to none. If you’re interested in a new case, a new plug-in, or a photo kit for your iPad, read on to learn more about the new device.

iPad Cases and Other Accessories
While the iPad’s standard appearance certainly isn’t bulky or rigid, a variety of cases are available to make it a more elegant and stylish looking device. Like the iPhone before it, which has been given a wide range of different carry cases and protective ‘bumpers,’ the iPad has a wide selection of official and unofficial cases available, many of which are quite impressive in the quality department.

The first type of iPad case is the standard plastic ‘bumper’ case – an enclosure not unlike those seen for the iPhone 4. These cases are relatively thin and certainly aren’t built to offer the best protection in a fall or other accident, although they’re certainly enough to keep your iPad free of scratches. Due to their simple design and relatively function-based role, these are definitely worth considering.

Further up the quality line is a range of iPad leather and fabric cases, most of which incorporate an additional front panel for keeping the screen of your iPad free of dents and scratches. Designed as a book cover – with a front panel and side binding – these cases are particularly stylish, and certainly look good when used to transport your iPad in a book case or other bag that’s full of small books.

Finally, there’s the true high-end of iPad accessories – Moleskin leather cases and accessories. Built to offer complete protection for your iPad in all but the worst situations, these cases are both stylish and sleek, incorporating the classic design found on older leather-bound books. While certainly not cheap, it’s worth looking at these iPad cases if only for their incredible style and quality level.

iPad Reading Frames and Upright Supports
Despite billing the iPad as a ‘laptop computing alternative,’ it was only a matter of time before some iPad accessories popped up to help the device work as a desktop. A variety of reading frames for the mobile device are available, almost all of which help in reading eBooks on a desk. Priced at several different levels and available virtually everywhere, they’re a worthwhile choice for reading gurus.

Why? Because reading with your iPad sitting on your lap, despite being comfortable initially, can become quite uncomfortable over time. Your neck begins to sink into an uncomfortable position, a pain starts to develop in your shoulders, and concentration becomes more difficult. By using a tiny frame to support your iPad, you can read eBooks without having to actually hold the iPad upright.

It’s not just reading that benefits from an iPad frame – watching movies and listening to audio are also improved when the devices is supported by itself. While a variety of dedicated frames are on the market, many of them are equalled by a larger iPad case. Check that your iPad case can stand without any assistance, as it may be able to support your iPad for watching movies and reading.

Finally, a wide range of work-focused supports are available for the iPad, many of which allow the user to complete documents and emails using the device without having to hold onto it. The biggest advantage of these, besides removing the requirement to hold the iPad steady, is that they allow the iPad to be used as a simple travel computing device, extending its usability and offering more value.

While the iPad is a fantastic device on its own, it really comes alive when the right iPad accessories are used alongside it. Whether you’re interested in improving your iPad’s reading capabilities or just want to complete the occasional document on its touch-sensitive keyboard, adding a case or reading frame to your iPad arsenal can come in hugely helpful.

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