Ionic Air Purifier

With all the pollutants in our world today, it is possible that we get diseases that we never thought existed. Take the SARS or the Bird Flu for example. Few decades ago, there is no such illness that affected more than hundreds of people. This is because way back then, the air was still fresh and clean. Whereas our air that we breathe today is now filled with smoke, dust, and particles that would give negative effects in our respiratory system. And you thought that this only happens when you are outside? Better think again. You can also actually get these breathing pollutants even if you are inside, right in your own home.

If you want your family to breathe a healthy air, then you have to get an ionic air purifier. This is a device that would remove the different air contaminants including pollen, dusts, and even dust mites. More often than not, these ionic air purifiers are advertised in the market as something that asthmatics and people who suffer from allergies can take advantage of. Aside from that, the ionic air purifier can also be used in establishments such as bars and restaurants so that the negative effects of second-hand smoke will be reduced.

There are different kinds of air purifiers that use other purifying systems such as filters carbons, and photocatalytic oxidation or PCO. However, many people can testify that the ionic air purifiers work best. This is a kind of air purifier that uses charged needles or electrical surfaces in order to generate air ions that are electrically charged. Afterwards, the electrically charged ions will be attached to the particles in the air. During the whole process, the ionic air purifier also produces a safe amount of ozone which is no greater than 0.05 ppm.

You can choose from two different subdivisions of ionic air purifier. The first one is the fan-based ionic air purifier while the other one is the fanless ionic air purifier. The latter subdivision is noiseless. Aside from that it consumes small amount of energy. However, this kind of ionic air purifier is less efficient when it comes to purifying the air. On the other hand, the fan-based ionic air purifier can distribute clean air faster. If the ionic air purifier is mounted at the walls or ceilings of your home or used for industrial purposes, it is now called as the electrostatic precipitators.

Because the device purifies, the air that your family would breathe would be free from air contaminants, hence, making it healthier and more breathable. And aside from this benefit, you will also notice that your house or the area where the ionic air purifier is placed would no longer have odors or stenches because the air is absolutely clean.

The price of the ionic air purifier differs depending on the size and of course, from the name of the manufacturer. The smallest ionic air purifier usually costs around $80 to $99 per unit. However, this would only work efficiently if the room is small as well. But if you wish to have a clean air all over your house, then the bigger ionic air purifier unit would be perfect for you and your family.

Since this type of machine is not yet commonly found in the homes of Americans or other countries around the globe, many people are still skeptical about what the ionic air purifier can do. There are still some misconceptions that many people believe in especially those who have not tried the product for themselves. So before getting an ionic air purifier, it would really be helpful if you would ask the salesperson all the things that you need to know in operating and using the ionic air purifier.

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