Iomega ScreenPlay

The Iomega ScreenPlay series features a number of high-definition multimedia hard drives such as the Iomega Screenplay Pro HD and Iomega ScreenPlay Director HD. The wide variety of drives available in this collection allows you to choose something that works perfectly for you. The multimedia hard drives can be used as external hard drives for your computer, gaming console, and more. Overall, Iomega Screenplay multimedia hard drives are some of the best well-rounded drives on the market.

Simplicity – Plug and Play Feature

Some external hard drives are not very easy to get working as you will have to spend some time configuring them to work with whatever device you are using them with. However, the Iomega ScreenPlay drives are extremely easy to use and you can have them working almost instantly. Just plug in the cables and it will start up immediately. Accessing the drive from your gaming console, such as a XBOX 360, is extremely easy as well and it will only take you a few moments to do so.

Using the Iomega ScreenPlay
The great thing about the Iomega ScreenPlay drives is how versatile they really are. You can use them with your computer, gaming console, digital picture frame, iTunes, and much more. There are endless possibilities with these drives.

If you are looking to take full advantage of your wireless networking capabilities then you definitely would want to invest in an Iomega ScreenPlay drive. These devices make digital storing and sharing extremely easy. For instance, look at the iTunes sharing option where you can share files to all computers running iTunes on your home network.

In Depth Look at the Iomega ScreenPlay Pro HD
The specs for the Iomega ScreenPlay will depend on the specific model you are interested in. One of the more popular choices is the Iomega Screenplay Pro HD multimedia drive. It retails for around $150 and is a solid investment. Some of the impressive specs of this device include the following: 1TB storing capacity, free 2GB online backup, one touch video record feature, and an extensive list of supported file formats.

The Iomega ScreenPlay Pro HD is sleek and sexy in appearance and includes a gigabit Ethernet port and multiple USB ports on the back. You can attach a USB printer or secondary hard drive to increase your storing capacity if you want to take full advantage of the USB ports. The device also has a built-in media server which makes sharing pictures, music, and videos through a network very easy to do. The one touch video record feature is always extremely useful and it can make recording video from your cable box or DVD player very simple. Also, the drive is designed to be air efficient and has a built-in fan to prevent it from overheating.

The Iomega ScreenPlay Pro HD is compatible with both PC and Mac. It can work with certain on-screen programs such as iTunes. Once you start using the multimedia drive you will be able to create and manage folders, folder structures, set protocol, and more. After the preliminary settings are complete you can start using the device with ease and you will be able to store and share files immediately.

Final Thoughts
There are a few different multimedia drives available in the Iomega ScreenPlay series. All of them have something special to offer. The Iomega ScreenPlay Pro HD is one of the best values for the price. It can be bought for under $150 and you will no longer need any more external drives. With a massive 1TB storage and many helpful features there will be no need to replace this drive with another one.

If you do not want to be let down when you purchase an external hard drive then you should go for the best. Judging by the excess of features and capabilities with the Iomega ScreenPlay multimedia drives, it is fairly easy to concur that these are some of the best external hard drives on the market. It is highly recommended that you take a look at the Iomega Screenplay drives when considering what external drive to purchase.

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