IOGEAR Bluetooth Adapter

IOGEAR Bluetooth Adapter is a dedicated device to enhance connectivity between various Bluetooth devices. This is a networking gadget which transforms any computer that has a working USB port, into a Bluetooth computer. This means that it will be able to interact with other Bluetooth devices within the range. The main advantage of this device is obvious: the user does not have to go through the trouble of using wires to connect devices such as PDAs, cameras or printers to the computer. The only complication is that such devices will have to be Bluetooth enabled, which should not be a problem for this age since almost all devices are equipped with at least one form of wireless connectivity.

IOGEAR is an IT firm whose aim is to provide technology that will allow easy and simple connectivity between devices which we use on a regular basis. Their technology can be useful in homes, at work or even on the road. The company was initiated in 1999 and their headquarters is situated at Foothill Ranch, California. The company’s primary mission is to reduce the difficulty of working with technology, making more effective and efficient use of energy, and cutting down on wastage. IOGEAR has suppliers throughout all major parts of the world, including North and South America, Asia and Europe.

A key aspect separating IOGEAR from other IT firms is that they are extremely concerned about the environment. Most of their devices feature energy efficiency which effectively decreases excess consumption. At the same time, it is surprisingly easy to use. This, in turn aids the user to effortlessly access complex pieces of technology. IOGEAR has also united with ‘Trees for the Future’ where they have agreed to plant a tree for every device they have sold.

The IOGEAR GBU211 is programmed with Bluetooth 1.2 specifications and is capable of working with USB 1.1 and above. This device has a data transfer rate of 723 Kbps and will work perfectly up to a maximum range of about 66 feet (about 20 meters). It is also very flexible in the sense that it is capable of working on both Microsoft and Mac enabled operating systems. It is also very safe as it contains a built-in security system, enabling users to have complete privacy while using protocols such as encryption, authentication and pairing. Another useful feature of the GBU211 is its extremely simple installation process and its user-friendliness. It comes with the installation CD, a quick start guide and a three year warranty.

Another USB Bluetooth adapter quite similar to the GBU211 is the IOGEAR GBU201 Bluetooth USB adapter. The GBU201 is able to match almost all the specifications of the GBU211 except that this model is programmed with Bluetooth 1.1 instead of 1.2. However, this fact does not make any significant difference between the two products because the GBU201 has the same transfer speed of 723 Kbps and the same working range of 66 feet. They also install and function the same way by creating a folder similar to ‘My Network Places’ called ‘Bluetooth Places.’ This is where the device is controlled and is used to pair with other devices such as Bluetooth mice, keyboards, printers, etc.

The only downside that is noticeable when comparing both the USB Bluetooth adapters is their dimensions. They are very small and easy to carry around but it is their width that may bring about some discomfort for their users. If their USB ports are quite close to one another, a single adapter may take up the space of two ports though it will only be using one. However, this small problem can easily solved by using an extension cord along with the adapter. Aside from this minor flaw in its design, it is an excellent device to add to a tech-savvy user’s arsenal. There is no-doubt that this device will make life much easier for its users.

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