Inverter Microwave Oven

Conventional microwave ovens can be found in most homes nowadays. Many people would not be without a microwave, even though they only heat beverages, cook popcorn or use them to defrost foods. Most people do not like the way food cooks in a microwave. The new inverter microwave ovens are changing their views on that however. Some cooks are even using the new inverter microwaves to cook whole meals now. These new microwaves have several features that are quite useful. Some can even brown foods now too.

Panasonic and GE have microwave ovens on the market now that use a new technology called “inverter technology.” These new inverter microwave ovens have the advantage of cooking foods at multiple power levels. Food cooked in inverter microwave ovens are no longer overcooked on the outside and undercooked in the middle like they are in other conventional microwave ovens. Your food will also be defrosted a lot more evenly too. No more cooked edges with the middle remaining frozen. Food is able to be steadily cooked at the power level that you set it at. Less power is needed to operate these oven as well. The new inverter microwave ovens can even keep your food warm for you after it is cooked until you are ready to eat.

An older conventional microwave oven typically only had three power levels. The inverter microwave ovens have multiple power levels. There are inverter microwave ovens on the market now that have up to 10 power levels. You can evenly cook meat, make tea or popcorn at the appropriate power level for each item. These ovens cook food until done in half the time as the older more conventional microwaves. For instance, a bag of popcorn used to take 3 minutes to cook. You can cook it now in a minute and a half if you have an inverter microwave oven.

The newer microwaves are much smaller and lighter and designed to complement various kitchen styles. Child-locks are built into many models. Some inverter microwave ovens also have pre-set selections for common foods like for beverages, popcorn, defrost, etc.

Panasonic was among the first to replace the conventional transformer and capacitor on their microwaves with the new inverter circuit boards, which allows them to take advantage of the new technology and makes them more environmentally friendly. The power cooking level remains constant whereas the older conventional microwave ovens have power levels that pulsate intermittently. Since the power is constant, the food will remain cooking at even temperatures in the inverter type microwave ovens giving you much better results.

The inverter microwave ovens produce less food shrinkage and can maintain the texture and flavor of your food. Panasonic inverter microwave has a food stacker that allows you to cook two dishes at a time. Both levels will cook fast and evenly. You can also find a model that has a turbo defrost cycle which will defrost your food twice as fast as a conventional microwave will. These microwaves have a sensor inside that will reduce the power level once the food has been fully cooked. Then it can keep food warm for you without overcooking it.

GE also has inverter microwave ovens. Their Profile JES2251SJSS model is a large microwave. It has a large 2.2 cubic ft capacity that can hold a 9 x 5-inch dish and still allow the turntable to turn properly. It also has the internal sensor and delivers continuous cooking power like the Panasonic. The only drawback is that it takes a lot of counter space in your kitchen. If you like to cook full meals in your microwave this may be the model that is best for you.

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