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So if you too hate crowding up the walls and ceilings of your office with strings and bundles of wires because as of yet, perhaps no one has managed to maintain a top notch status with their office ambience as well leaving wires lying around for all to see. For this reason Internet cameras are the new generation of surveillance methods that provide fast and effective surveillance without a mess of tangled wires.

The basic mechanism of an Internet camera is that it uses Internet Protocol for the transfer of data in the form of images, as well as command signals via a link of Ethernet. These can also be called network cameras because of the vast usage of networking required with these cameras. The manner of surveillance is similar to that of an analog CC Television. The video surveillance structure usually consists of some Internet cameras strung with digital video recorder or a DVR as well as a network video recorder or a NVR.  However the word ‘strung’ is not be taken literally because this kind of system also operates on a wireless connection! This kind of connection can be set up using any computer or any 3G phone.

These Internet cameras also come with two way audio systems which enable exchange of conversation and ideas. These are especially useful because these cancel out the requirement for phones and intercoms. Surveillance and communication all in one it is! For more cautionary surveillance systems, many of these internet cameras also come with LED lighting which facilitates night vision.

Among many of the products available in the range of Internet cameras, D-Link’s DCS-2100+ wireless video camera is one that certainly catches the eye. The picture quality of the video has been graded excellent at 320×420 pixels. Its capacity for monitoring is as many as sixteen different cameras. Although this camera lacks a zoom function, it makes it up with a Wi-fi connection which is in-built, and it can also connect directly to an 802.11b or 802.11g network. It also has a motion sensor with an alerting system that can recognize and alert you to the presence of intruders by the usage of email technology. It also has the ability to send command signals such that an alarm audio file is run or a recording made. The software required for the installation and surveillance setup is based on the IPS Surveillance Suite consisting of programs which allow monitoring and playback. The packaging contains a camera and a stand, an AC adaptor as well as a Cat-5 cable which is six foot in length. While users have termed the installation process as lengthy and tiresome, the package also contains an instruction manual of one hundred and two pages, a CD containing the software for installation and surveillance, as well as a start-up guide of 10 pages. The only drawback of the system is that it is not suitable for Mac connections, so while this is not perhaps suitable in many environments with Mac-based systems, other ambiences are sure to welcome this cost-effective camera with open arms.

These cameras are also efficient for home surveillance systems. So you are a millionaire with a big estate to manage and require an effective surveillance system that a bit more than that used by the average man. For such a need, the DCS-900W is an optimum choice for a home surveillance system. This remote monitoring system has some great features such as a web server which is built in. This feature is extra special because this eliminates the requirement of a computer by streaming images directly to the internet. The specific IP address, when entered into any web browser actually allows the user control and viewing of images and videos of the system from any place and at any time. The monitoring capacity of this system is a maximum four cameras at any given time. This system also facilitates the saving of images and videos directly onto the hard drive of any given computer.

As proved by this review, internet cameras have variegated uses in the era of 21st century where privacy and loss of privacy are two major issues.

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  1. D-Link’s DCS-2100+ wireless IP camera seems to be a good option for any person’s home surveillance needs as feature/price ratio! Nevertheless VIVOTEK has some offers that are worth considering like IP7134 and PT7137!

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