Intel Atom Processor

There is no denying that the hardware in netbooks and laptops is far from impressive. It can be understandable to have a relatively small hard drive in a netbook or laptop though. These computers are designed for light use and the most important specifications would be the processor. The Intel Atom processor was designed for netbooks and laptops in particular.

The Intel Atom processor can be used with Microsoft Windows operating systems and various other operating systems as well. This processor allows for smooth use of your computer while on the go. The main concept behind the Intel Atom processor is basically that it can work effectively in a computer that is usually mobile.

Benefits of the Intel Atom Processor
There is one major benefit to having an Intel Atom processor in your computer. The huge benefit you have is that this specific processor does not require a large amount of energy to work properly. Many processors will drain energy from your computer and it can lead to your computer slowing down dramatically. However, with an Intel Atom processor, you do not have to worry about your processor chip causing your computer to hang up, freeze, or take forever to load a page or program.

The energy efficient chip is very beneficial for people using netbooks and notebooks especially. Since these are light duty computers, the less energy being demanded the better the computer will work. A lot of laptops are extremely slow as they do not have an energy efficient processor. By buying a computer with the Intel Atom processor in it, you will be a getting a much high performing system. Obviously this chip is just recommended for systems with regular mobile computing and not desktop computers.

Why Other Chips Can’t Compare
While there are still some processor chips on the market that can hold their own to the Intel Atom processor chip, this particular chip is ahead of the vast majority of competition. There is one main reason why the Intel Atom chip is strongly preferred over the majority of processor chips when used in a light duty computer. The reason is as simple as that it does not require much energy to work efficiently.

Companies are continuing to produce processor chips that require an abundance of power. This is only going to benefit someone if it is used in a desktop computer. A good processor chip for a laptop or netbook would be energy efficient and not require as much power as a desktop computer’s processor chip does.

Who Should Buy The Intel Atom Processor
This processor is not recommended for everyone. If you had a fortune to spend on a laptop then you could easily find a much stronger performing chip. However, anyone that is looking for a high quality processor for a less expensive laptop, this is your best option. If you are looking to purchase a pre-built laptop then it would be recommended to look for a model that features the Intel Atom processor.

Not only will the process avoid draining your computer of power, but it will also allow you to have a longer lasting battery life as well. The normal battery life for many netbooks and laptops is only two to three hours at most. A laptop with the Intel Atom processor can have a full charge of up to eight hours under ideal settings. Regardless of the type of processor chip you have, the programs you run and the light settings (brightness, contrast, screen saver, etc) will play a role in how fast your battery is drained.

For the average laptop user, this would be a very good processor to have. There are obviously people who would benefit more from a stronger performing processor. However, this is one of the best low-priced processors on the market. If you are looking to build a gaming laptop then you may not be extremely impressed with the Intel Atom processor. Your results may vary depending on how demanding the PC games are.

Ultimately, the Intel Atom processor line up is a great deal for those looking for a budget processor chip that performs well at the same time. The extended battery life alone should make this an easy investment, especially with many models ranging from $50 to $100.

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