Integrated Washing Machine

There are many differences between a free standing washing machine and an integrated washing machine. One of them is that the integrated washing machines have flush mounted doors and the controls are a bit different than the standard washing machine. These machines are built for integration of a cabinet system or part of a wall installation. They are basically installed into another fixture rather than the stand-alone systems that most people have.

Why would you want to choose an integrated washing machine? There are many great benefits to having this type of system. One benefit to this system is that they are great efficiency. All appliances are now rated with an Energy Star Rating System; most appliances that use this system are appliances worth buying.

Another great benefit of the integrated system is how easy it is to use. When you are shopping around for these appliances, you may see a floor model and the system may look complicated but looks can be deceiving. These washing machines may have a lot of buttons and a lot of features but they are easy to use and easy to learn. There are smaller machines that have less features depending on what type of budget you are on.

A misconception of the integrated washing machine is how big the size is. Most models are about 60 cm’s; this would be a front-loading washer. But the majority of the washers are about 85 cm high. These are common dimensions and will fit in most areas.

It is a common misconception that the integrated washing machines have a smaller load capacity. But the larger integrated machine uses a 6 kg load and the smaller machines use a 4kg capacity. So you can do a sufficient amount of laundry with a more efficient machine.

These washing machines run a lot quieter than normal machines. As a required guideline, a 70-decibel or lower on the main cycle is quiet. That is requirement for most machines. Some of the estimated specs of the integrated washing machine is that they have a spin speed of 800 rotations per minute and larger machines can work with 1600 rpm’s. The middle of the road for most people is 1000 rpms for spin speed; this speed is average for a household.

Sometimes a factor when buying a washing machine is how long does it take for a load of laundry to wash? With more people always on the go, they don’t have a lot of time so they don’t want their laundry to take too long. Some washers take 30 minutes and some do take a lot longer. You will have to a bit of shopping around to find the ideal wash time for your needs.

These machines are reliable; they get the job done just the same as a freestanding washing machine does. There are front-loading machines and top loading washing machines, depending on your preference and how much space you have available.

Before buying a machine, you should want to find out some information about the machine. Some of these questions are What is the water consumption of the model you are washing? Is there an Energy Trust Feature? What are the washing and the energy efficiencies? Does the system have a dryer function? These are just some of the functions and features that you need to ask.

Some of the companies that offer the integrated washing machine are Whirlpool and Bosch just to name a few. There are many great brands and models to choose from. Outline a budget and a list of questions and do some research to find the most efficient, cost effective machine on the market.

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