Integrated Washer/Dryer

Washer and dryers have been produced for many years already but it is only as of recent that more complex designs have been made available publicly. There are a variety of washer and dryers available with advanced features that make them an interesting investment. In particular, the washer/dryer combo has gathered a lot of interest in the last few years.

An integrated washer/dryer setup is simply where you have the washer and dryer both built in the same casing. There are a variety of reasons why this can be beneficial, but there are some down sides to this type of setup as well. Also, there are various designs of combo washer and dryers. For example, you could choose a setup where the washer and dryer are setup one on top of the other, or you could find a side by side setup as well.

Benefits of an Integrated Washer and Dryer Setup

The main advantage to owning one of these machines would obviously be the convenience it has to offer in regards to the amount of space it takes up. Usually these machines are designed to be extremely compact. Obviously there may be minor issues if you choose the vertically standing combo option but generally an integrated setup will fit anywhere in your house conveniently. Also, this type of setup could also be preferably when looking for something to use in a smaller apartment.

There are still many other benefits to consider as well. The most important plus side to buying an integrated washer and dryer setup would probably be the amount of money you are going to save. You will not have to pay as much for a combination machine as you would if you purchased the washer and dryer separately. As well, you are saving money on electricity, gas, and water when using a combination machine as they are extremely energy efficient.

Downfalls of an Integrated Washer and Dryer Setup

In most cases, a combination machine will not fall short of your expectations. However, there are still some disadvantages to consider as well. These may also be deal breakers when deciding whether to buy an integrated washer and dryer machine or not.

The main disadvantage being the capacity of the machine. You are only able to wash and dry a substantially lower amount of clothes than you could in a normal washer and dryer setup. The speed issue is not a major concern though and should not play a huge role in whether you decide to buy a combination setup or not.

What to Consider When Buying an Integrated Washer and Dryer Machine

You do not want to just go out and buy a combination machine without any prior thoughts on the matter. There are a multitude of factors to weigh in before deciding if this is the proper investment for you, and what particular model you should purchase if it is your final decision.

There are a number of things to consider. This would include the price tag, design, size, and other determining factors in regards to the area it will be placed in your home. Lets look at each of these factors for a moment so you know exactly what to think about when deciding what you should purchase.

Price Tag – you want to make sure the machine you purchase is top of the line, but you do not want to pay top dollar. It would be recommended to shop around for the best deal possible and take some time in doing so as well.

Design – you want to choose a machine that is designed with a style that you personally like. This could be as simple as the color design of the machine, and it could also include the various operational features the machine offers as well.

Size – this would be in regards to the capacity of the machine. You want to make sure the machine you purchase can hold enough laundry to both wash and dry so that you do not get stressed out. There are some combination machines that are designed extremely small, while others may be large enough for you to use peacefully.

Space – factor in how large of a machine you can purchase so you do not have any complications when setting it up in your home. This includes the doors and staircases that you pass in order to bring the washer and dryer in, and the room that the machine will be placed in. Make sure you do not buy a machine that is too large for your home as you will find yourself lugging it back to the store.

Everything that has been mentioned so far pretty much sums up all you need to know about integrated washer and dryer machines. Just remember all these tips when buying an all-in-one machine and you should not have any complications finding a machine you like.

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