Integrated Dishwasher

Nowadays most people have little time to do the daily chore of dishwashing by hand. Having an automatic dishwasher used to be considered a luxury but this is not the case any more. You can actually save money, time and space in your kitchen with an integrated dishwasher. An integrated dishwasher is one that is totally concealed by a kitchen cabinet door. The doors can also be a custom made panel that gives the appearance of existing cabinetry. The control panels are hidden so that there you can not really tell a dishwasher is there in a lot of cases. An integrated dishwasher is similar to a built in dishwasher and is even called that at times. One can wash and dry large loads of dishes automatically with an automatic dishwasher that is built in under a kitchen counter top.

There are two types of integrated dishwashers. One type is the fully integrated dishwasher. This type is completely concealed behind kitchen cabinetry and you will not be able to see the controls. The other type is a semi-integrated dishwasher that is usually only partially concealed up to about the cabinet drawer height. The controls on top are visible with this type. Each well known dishwasher manufacturer will have integrated dishwashers in their product line. The price range can vary from company to company and from model to model. Even someone on a limited budget can usually find one that they can afford nowadays. If price is a consideration then you should look at the semi-integrated dishwashers because they are normally less expensive than the fully integrated ones.

When you are shopping for a dishwasher it is best to look for a brand that has a good after sales service record and a good warranty that stands behind it. You will find that there are 2 standard sizes that integrated dishwashers come normally come in, 45 cms and 60 cms. The smaller size is sufficient enough for a small family up to about four. The larger size is adequate for larger families. The smaller the dishwasher is the fewer settings it will have. A larger dishwasher will typically have eight to twelve different settings. Dishwashers are rated for their energy efficiency nowadays. Some are even being built now that use less energy than hand washing does. Many times you can use the economy cycle on most dishwasher to save energy if the dishes are not too soiled. There are new integrated dishwashers on the market that are using green technology, meaning that they use steam to clean the dishes so they use less water. Dishwashers are also rated for their noise level. Since you can save on energy usage if you run your dishwasher at night off of the peak load times it is better to get one that is rated as being very quiet. This way you can use it during night while you are sleeping without being disturbed.

One thing to watch out for when shopping for an integrated dishwasher is one that will be too complicated for you to operate. Some of them can be quite elaborate now. The more programs it has the less you may understand how to operate it efficiently. Also, more things can go wrong with one that has a lot of programs and features on it. Every dishwasher has a regular cycle, a rinse only cycle and a cycle for washing dishes at lower temperatures. You can save even more energy if you operate your integrated dishwasher at 55°C. To ensure that your dishwasher lasts as long as it can you make sure you clean it inside and out regularly. Only operate it when it is full and not when there are just a few dishes in it. They operate best when they are filled to capacity.

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